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Draggin Jeans vs Hornee Jeans?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Removed_User4, Dec 31, 2006.

  1. Over the last 16 odd months I've pondered over buying Kevlar lined jeans and at that stage Draggin Jeans were the predominant brand until sometime during 2006 Hornee Jeans have really been making a name for themselves. We all probably have seen the videos of each companies pants being worn and towed down the road demonstrating each of their abrasion resistant qualities and know that the difference between the 2 are that Hornee have a longer pocket of Kevlar inserted compared to the opposition. It is said by sales assistants that the Hornee brand's kevlar is thicker than Draggins. Needless to say that Draggin have their inserts pretty much well in the right places were its needed but a bit less of it in other areas.

    My enquiry is; which brand have better material and kevlar quality/protection to stand up to a slide down the road than the other?

    What are peoples view? Other than leather pants is there an alternative?

    I'll give my findings later near the end!
  2. I'd go with dragons, even if they are daggy as all sin to look at. No real reason. Are hornee jeans aussie made?
  3. Draggin have a much bigger range to choose from, so you don't have to look toooooo daggy. The cargo's actually look pretty decent.
  4. $200 leathers from Extreme Clothing in Hoppers, thats the option I'm taking.

    I have Draggins as well )
  5. Where are they Vic?
  6. https://netrider.net.au/?page=partners
  7. Glad to see I am not the only person on Netrider on New Years Eve.
    I have leathers (prefered option, safest, most comfortable) and Draggins and just purchased a pair of Hornees.
    The Hornees look much better but safety wise I think the Draggins win hands down after the leathers. (Not as much 'coverage' with the Hornee jeans.)
  8. The only thing that concerns me about the Hornee jeans is they seem to sit a little too low. Sure that looks cool - but it won't look cool when you've got gravel rash on your hips. :(
  9. Agree on the Hornees being cut low. I have seen some gravel rash after an off whilst wearing hornees. But i think the girls tend to find them more comfortable and a better fit. Me personally draggins are the way to go, but then you might be uncomfortable in them..
  10. Are they the leather pants shown on their website? They only seem to show prices for the Cordura pants.
  11. Havn't you heard that, the low cut "hipsters" jeans are soooooooooo last year. Thank god
  12. Maybe not. Sorry, I didn't look. Dave went in there last week to have a look and told me about the $200 pants.

    I'll go in tomorrow if they are there, have a look and report back.

  13. NNNNNNooooooooooooooooooooooo I like seeing crack :rofl:
  14. Well Vic dear, I dont like seeing yours :p
  15. tried the draggins, tried the Hornees, I'll stick with the Hornees. I found the Draggins rode lower on the hips than the Hornees, coupled with less kevlar on the draggins, (and a mate surviving a 100k/hr slide in Hornees). All up, I say go the Hornees
  16. Ive always looked up to people whom own an Aludium Q-36 explosive space modulator and always have valued their opinions and thought "If your smart enough to own one you must be a smarteeee"...so based on that philosophy I've decided for the Hornee's. Going to get them right now before something happens to our planet.
  17. Though in the search for the truth about this matter I stumbled across this


    After speaking to a resource I've been told Sting ray skin is even tougher but because Manta Rays which have skin large enough are an endagered species so the Sting ray skin available is to small to really do anything with
  18. sting rays sure are tuff, this guy i know of.... :p :bolt:
  19. Well just got back from shopping for my Hornees, I rang Sumoto and they tell me they've have 32's and 34's in the light blue so I go down and they only had the 34's. Grrrr!!! Secondly I ask an assistant (the guy with blonde hair that rides mountain bikes, you know who you are) who else sells these so I can try on the 32's as the 34's are to loose at he informs me that his store is the only store in Melbourne who sells Hornee. As the Hornee site informs that there is 4 stores in Melbourne and I rang all of them I know HE LIED. I hate bullshitters so I walked out of there and went somewhere else to buy them. Big mistake silly boy at Sumoto now your up on this site being aired of your lack of integrity and lack of respect to your bread and butter.

    Anyway after I bought them from a different store which the sales person was very helpful and I believe honest, Ive just come back from a ride and checking them out while riding I find that the bottom of the kevlar in the front of the leg sits to high on the knee not giving the knee adequate kevlar coverage. Im hoping this is just because the size I got were a bit tight around the leg not allowing that section to slip forcing the below the knee section to come up. Has anyone Hornee jeans that can confirm that this not a common problem?
  20. you need to shorten your femur, in both legs ;)

    with the above posts suggesting that they are cut low, are you perhaps wearing them high?
    in any case, i remember ktulu had a similar experience, and his advice was to ensure that regardless of actual size, make sure you actually sit on a bike with them on prior to purchase.