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Draggin Jeans Vs Camos

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Dobz, Aug 13, 2008.

  1. I'm looking to get my first set of pants and was wondering if the Jeans offer an more protection that the Camos?

    I just love the look of the Camos and would prefer them over the jeans, but if the jeans offer more protection than the Camo's i'll get the jeans.


  2. mate i got a pair of the draggin camos the other day and love them... I don't have the jeans so i can't really make a comparison but they have the kevlar in all of the right places and are really comfy!! I would defiantly recommend them...
  3. Got a pair of Draggin Traffic Jeans & 2 pairs of Draggin Cargos. Both have the same protection, however the Cargo's feel thicker so I 'feel' more protected. Bottom line they should both save your ass in a gravel rash situation, don't expect any impact protection though.
  4. Camo's are "THE GHEY" :p :-w


    just kidding lol.
  5. Should be no real difference, but the cargoes do feel a bit thicker.
  6. I've had a couple of accidents in the cargo's and they faired well. The do move around on you skin and burn it. Not as bad as gravel rash, I'm just saying I'm not sure the jeans would do this as much.

    Oh, and yes cammo's are ghey.
  7. Just get the K-Legs, and wear whatever you want! :grin:
  8. I reckon that although the Camo's are thicker the jeans wouldn't move around or ride up as much in an off.
  9. Just got the Camos & they are really comfortable, handy size pockets too - however if you are tall (I'm 6'3') they are slightly too short - but you'll get away with it with proper boots on. :grin:
  10. I had the same types of questions a while ago when I first suited up. Its a well documented conversation piece, and I hit the Search function with great success.

    My 2c worth -

    Draggins and a pair a thermal longs with detachable armour. (Thermals will reduce gravel rash from the jeans creating friction 'if' you have an off.

    Put your thermals on, then strap on some Dirt bike knee/shin armour one piece inserts ($30 at Peter Stevens) and not as uncomfortable as you may think and then pull your jeans over the top.

    Some days when I get to work I cant be bother for the boots off, pants down, armour out, pants up, boots on again routine, so I just wear the armour in all day. You get used it and and come in handy when the catering lady "Beryl" bulldozes you with the Senior Managers afternoon tea trolly as she gets it sideways through your insignificant part of the office on her way to the big boys level.

    oh, and the thermals, all though dont completly prevent it, do go a long way to avoiding your nads freezing themselves onto your tank on cold days. You dont have to wait 5minutes after getting off your bike to feel like you have the complete set in working order....
  11. The trick is to be tall and fat, they fit me perfect [6'2"] :LOL: :LOL: :oops:
  12. Hope this is the right section to ask? Where can you buy draggin jeans or camo's from? And do they cater for larger size guys. I wear about sz 117 at the moment...
  13. I fully understand.

    I have the Camos, great pants, I wear them out, even when not on a bike. But when riding, they are a little too short. I only just make it look ok thanks to my SMX-4s
  14. How tall exactly is 6'3 in CM? :oops: :oops:
  15. not liking the loud, bright chamo Draggin Jeans, i bought some subtle faded chamo Hornee kevlar pants from MCA

    however, riding a piece of shit italian it's still in the shop and i haven't had a chance to test them yet. they're high waisted, yet still comfy out of the saddle, a bit noisy though. can't imagine what the corduroy version would be like. but i guess your regular earplugs will help with this
  16. Jeans or Camo's I wouldnt recommend either.

    The prob is that Jeans or camo's will disintergrate and actually go into the road rash wound should you fall off the bike

    a Friend of mine came off one day when he was wearing jeans, resulting in a huge road rash on his thigh. we followed the ambo in (he broke arm and collar bone as well.

    We were called in after the had him for a while and he was feeling no pain, they dosed him up with a big shot of morphine and called us in to help hold him down while they 'cleaned' the wound.

    Cleaning the wound consisted of scrubbing the gravel dirt and bits of cotten out of the wound WITH A SCRUBBING BRUSH !!!

    I have never heard anyone scream like that, he passed out eventually, we chucked our guts.

    it pretty much cured me of riding in jeans untill recently, when my wife brought me a pair of draggin jeans.

    kevlar is the bestest thing :)

  17. Thanks for the reply but we are talking about Draggin Camo's and jeans :p
  18. oops sorry, preaching to the choir again :)

    I'll have another drink and shut up

  19. oops sorry, preaching to the choir again :)

    I'll have another drink and shut up

  20. I've got a pair of the red urban camos and they're hella garish but that's what I was after - visibility. My pair are a bit too big for me and there was at least one bigger size. I'm 182cm (6 foot) and 100kg.

    I should add that the jeans were a nice fit and very comfy but a bit boring. If I had another $220 I'd buy a pair (or a 19" monitor, hmmmm).