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Draggin Jeans .. ThankYou once again.

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by VCM, Feb 25, 2009.

  1. I just cannot praise this company enough. They have an excellent product and stand by it 100%

    Email Sent to Draggin Jeans:
    Their reply:

    Well they arrived on Monday.
    Unfortunately, they must have felt that the repair was either not cost effective, or just too much bother, as they sent me back a NEW pair! :shock:

    This is my second experience with customer support at draggin Jeans.
    (The first time was entirely MY fault ). Both times they have exceeded my expectations. They have a customer for LIFE.

    Thanks again Draggin Jeans!

  2. About 6 years ago when I came off I took both my Draggin' jeans and my Tiger Angel jacket in for repair. Both had done exactly the job i expected in protecting my skin.

    The Draggin's had the denim worn through at the knee (not the kevlar) and the Tiger Angel Jacket had the left pocket damaged.

    Draggin' quoted me $10 for the work - when I gave them my address I was told to pick them up at the factory (It's an anonymous brick building about 300 metres from where I live). When I got there they didn't have any change for a 20 so charged me a whole $5.

    Tiger Angel not only replaced the pocket but the whole panel behind it and the armour in the shoulder and elbow (it seemed OK but they did it just to be sure)- they charged me an enormous $20. :grin:

    I have to say that the level of service and quality of work that both companies did was absolutely exemplary. The fact that both companies also manufacture most of their product locally is another important point in their favour.
  3. I've enjoyed similar experiences with these companies (and Mars leathers some years ago too). Quality workmanship, courteous service and reasonable cost.

    It makes me wonder how and why so many of our people are losing their jobs to the Chinese currently. :mad:
  4. Because people will look at the price and pick the option that saves them a few dollars - Hornee are chinese made and a little cheaper - but the wear resistance is 3 times less than Draggin's and I doubt they run a repair service. Draggin's have also passed the CE level one abrasion resistance.