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Draggin Jeans Slix: Slim-fit kevlar lined jeans

Discussion in 'Pants' at netrider.net.au started by Locky28, Jul 20, 2010.

  1. [​IMG]

    Draggin Jeans "Slix" have been available since about October 2009. They differ from the regular Draggin Jeans in that they are a slim fit, with a low waist line and are made of a wax coated stretch denim. Paid $240, down from the regular $280 which seems pretty steep but I have a cute butt so it's worth it I guess.

    http://www.dragginjeans.net/product/slix for men

    I ordered my pair on-line, without trying these, or any other Draggin's on in store. I ordered size 32 and the fit is the same as my other size 32 jeans. I'm 185cm tall and the leg of the jean still touches the floor and gets stood on when walking around, but this is intentional so they don't ride up too far when your sitting on your bike. The lower leg does seem to have a slight boot cut, as it's not as tight a fit as on the thighs, and there's plenty of room for most boots to go under them (my Berik GPX boots fit under comfortably and they look good still). They look just like they do on the website in regards to the wax coat, they are a little shiny but not Fubu Wu-Tang 50 Cent white trash shiny. I noticed they do kinda look like they have velcro in the cuff in the website pics which seemed pretty gay, but thankfully they don't. The jeans are definitely not tight or restrictive, I can move my legs are as my legs will let me move them. Quality is great they feel plenty strong. There were a couple of stitching threads that were too long coming out so I snipped them with scissors so I wasn't tempted to try and pull them out some other time.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    (Pics are just crummy iPhone shots in my apartment with crap lighting, soz)

    The Draggin website advertises these as "Skinny Leg". But I'd call them a slim leg. They aren't skin tight, like my "Skinny" jeans are, but they are certainly slimmer than regular jeans.

    The wax coat is nice and the GF thinks they look good too. I got them in black, and in that colour with the wax coat the external stitching for the kevlar on the knees and butt are hard to see, which is great as I did worry it would be obvious and look shit. They are a bit weird to iron because of the wax coat but it's probably just a matter of getting used to the way of doing it.

    FYI the fly is a zip, not button like some other jeans. I like buttons because you don't get the zip boner look, but with these slimmer fitting jeans it doesn't happen anyway.


    The Kevlar is 10cm above and below the knees, and 10cm below the butt, while on the back it starts maybe 5cm from the top of the jeans. Hips aren't covered due to the low cut (worth it, don't wanna look like a grandad), but the outside of the calf is covered from top to knee. I don't get the rumoured kevlar itch that some do, and I even find the material more comfortable against the skin than regular denim. I'm not a "free spirit" though, and do wear boylegs for underwear, so free-ballers might have a different experience.

    Haven't taken them for a ride yet, but sitting with my foot up on a chair they aren't tight behind me knee like my other jeans which is good. I'll update this once I spend a day in them on the bike.

    Overall they are very comfy, I love the look and so does the GF, and I would be happy to wear them out, or to the pub if I'd ridden to a diff town for the weekend or something, and I honestly don't think anyone would notice they aren't regular slim black jeans. Now I just need an Alpinestars Drift Jacket and I'll have my "riding gear but you wouldn't know it look" all set. :p
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  2. pics of cute bottom required ASAP
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  3. Pics added.

    I did make you an animated gif showing the obvious extra butt protection benefit offered by wearing pants vs not wearing pants lowercase, but it's on my PC at home. Will be sure to put it up later :p
  4. I also have a pair of these (32s as well), got them from AMA in Yatala a couple weeks ago, a bit filthy that I paid full price, but I am very happy with the jeans despite that. Fit me great, not too loose not too tight. I tried on pretty much every pair of draggins, as well as some sartsokillers, and shifts that they had in the warehouse (took a good 40 mins), and these were the only ones that feel like im wearing jeans and not potato sacks (I have a very slim build & 5'3). I wear them everywhere, and a girl friend (notice two separate words :p) said they look great. Maybe its psychological, but it seems the kevlar helps when riding on these cooler nights.
  5. I've got a pair of these in 34 and find they're pretty damn comfy on the bike. The only thing I have found is that after wearing them in, the wa coating starts to fade off and leaves these weird white specs on the jeans. They look OK, but definitely aged quicker than I thought they would. Other than that they look great and no one would know they're MC jeans.
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  6. i grabbed a pair of these from an ebay store, they fit fine, but the damn fly seems to head south of its own accord.
    not a good look to be walking round selling hotdogs, i've sent a mail to draggin over the weekend, waiting to hear back. not keen to send these off for a replacement, becuse they're my only kevlars until next pay.
  7. Any update on how the Slix are holding up? Would you wear them in Oz (Sydney) summer weather? I'm worries about how warm they are

  8. I found the Slix pretty warm but not unbearable over summer. I have a pair of denim Draggins with Cool Max lining - very comfy. Cool in the warm weather and surprisingly warm in the cooler weather.
  9. I've got the Twista with the CoolMax lining, would you say the Slix is warmer or cooler?

    Do the Slix repel any water too? Looks like it might be ok in light rain with the shiny coat?

    Thanks mate
  10. I stopped reading when I saw "slim fit, with a low waist line".
  11. I own a pair and no, they are not water resistant/repelling. Yes the wax denim does bead water for a while but as others have said that eventually wears off. Still left with a fairly nice looking pair of bike jeans if you like the cut etc.
  12. ^^ exactly. And the Slix are cooler (especially in the cooler weather). He denim with CoolMax lining are more comfortable all round IMO.
  13. Do you get the coolmax lined draggins from the regular haunts?
  14. FYI the fly is a zip, not button like some other jeans. I like buttons because you don't get the zip boner look, but with these slimmer fitting jeans it doesn't happen anyway.

    Haha, spat out my sandwich reading this.

  15. Got both mine at PS Dandenong. Great customer service from Kat
  16. Thanks Amazone - appreciated. After a little hunting I learned that they now do Draggin's with armour and everything!


    I've been wearing the same daggy pairs for so many years now, I just assumed they were all the same.
  17. The new holeshots aren't bad, look a bit daggy but armor and full Kevlar are nice touches.

    Made really well and locally which is a big win for me.
  18. I hope they come out with newer models that are cooler for the Oz summer. I wore the Twista a few weeks ago on a sunny day and it was a bit warm (off the bike)
  19. You wont like the Holeshots then, I get hot in them even when I'm moving.