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Draggin jeans outlet..

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Blue14, Sep 25, 2005.

  1. Just want to tell you all of the fantastic service i received at draggin jeans yesterday. I have other draggin jeans and jacket which i purchased from other stores. But yesterday morn decided to go to factory in sth melb. Bought a pair of the traffic jeans which look awesome. The guys there were great, very friendly and proffesional. Just wanted to give my high recomendation.

  2. Hey Blue, if you don't mind me asking, how much did you pay?

    There was a recent thread asking about where to buy and how much etc.
  3. No probs, I think they were around $240, dont really remember to be honest, just bought them.. :) I know they are a little dearer than the classic black and blue style.http://www.dragginjeans.com.au/
    check out the website it has all the prices..But you will have to go to the order section to find prices..
  4. Thanks for that...having a quick look at their site now...will definitely have to get another pair, I just love the ones I have now. I need something in a different colour :D
  5. Hey Blue 12 .
    Thanks for the link to the website - the Mastercard will be a little lighter before the nights out 8)

  6. that surprised me.. i rang them about a week ago and asked about a pair of traffic jeans for a customer and they said they weren't available for at least a month!

    are they telling me porky pies??
  7. Often they are at expo's etc for $199. In fact many retailers will do em for $199 in the classic ones - Just gotta ask :D


    PS last time I got some I went to the factory in Collingwood. You have more chance in getting a better price from a retailer, unless stock is your obstacle.
  8. There is a shop in dandenong that used to do them very cheaply - the factory seems to be the most expensive place to buy them??
  9. Yeah i think the factory does the right thing by there stockists. I reckon you are right that they are a little dearer, but they have everything there.
  10. I bought the last pair they had in stock. Just happened to be my size luckily..
  11. $170 for classic fit at the Draggin outfit a week or so ago... I paid $200 for the sport fit (cash). I expect you'd pay about the same for the traffic, maybe another $10, if you can pay cash.

    And yes, they're a friendly bunch in there. I'll definitely be skipping the dealers and going straight there next time.
  12. Traffics were $240. And they are very comfortable.