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Draggin Jeans or Leathers? Pros & cons

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Trev, Sep 14, 2011.

  1. Just curious to hear experienced riders, in particular work commuters, thoughts on draggin jeans vs leathers?

    I don't care much about $ more so protection and practicality. I'm not after racing leathers with the protection for dragging ur knees, just protection for any spills I may/will have. I've just looked at dainese and alpinestars mid range legs but also like the idea of Draggin jeans. I want protection but I don't want to look like a "try hard" valentino wannabe decked out in full leathers to get to and from work and figured draggin jeans would be a more casual look with decent protection.

    Anyway, my question is; how do draggin jeans measure up to quality leathers? I don't mind looking like foolish if it means I get to keep my skin.
  2. I have both, just bought a pair of leather pants, lined with impact protection etc, feel great, flexible etc ride awsome. I have draggins and love them, but for me there wasnt enough protection built in, great for communting, quick trip, but always in the back of my mind is the lack of armour plus you cant beat leather for abrasiveness.
  3. If your focus really is on protection I think its hard to go past proper riding leathers. I have a pair of waterproof textile pants that have heaps of protection on the lower back, hips, thighs and knees but I really only wear these in the wet. Otherwise I wear draggins most days but only because they offer some level of protection and I can wear them all day.
  4. For protection forget jeans of any sort, leather is best but for a compromise how much protection are you willing to give up?
  5. topic has been around the block a few times. I think draggins have liners these days???? The ones I have have the kevlar mesh on the inside. This means they aren't that great to wear off the bike anyway. It also means in the event of an off they burn your skin a bit. Still better than road rash but not better than leathers.
  6. I have leathers and hornee jeans.. I wear the jeans on my commute because I don't want to walk from parking to work in the leathers, plus they take a bit more effort to put on and take off than the jeans.

    I love the leathers (alpinestars track pants) but I prefer to wear them with a base layer. It gets to the point where you are wearing a whole lot of gear and you have to ask if it is really worth it on a relatively low speed, short ride.

    You can get jeans with CE protection, like draggin C-EVO jeans.. or just buy seperate kneeguards. I think these would be the ideal compromise for work commuting even for the most safety conscious rider, especially if you spend most of the ride around 60kmh or less like I do.
  7. I had a pair of draggins go through (through the kevlar on the knee) on a low speed spill. About 30kmh in the wet. No confidence in them since then. Leather is the best for protection, hands down
  8. If you are getting Draggins, pm Takamii he's a proven tester of his product when it comes to kevlar jeans !!
    I had a slight spill at 10-15kmh with kevlars on, melted skin on knee and the ground hurts when you hit it, hence no padding in the knee area on mine. Second spill might have been with draggins again they got shredded, I got bruised and my off was brief at 60kmh..
  9. I was thinking of buying some draggins and wanted some advice :)
  10. lol yours come with the knee padding dont they !!
  11. knee and hip
  12. didn tknow about the hip padding, looking forward to getting me some, lemme know when they arrive. cheers Takamii
  13. I would say that if you need to be able to wear your gear all day and cant get changed, you cant go past kevlars. considering wearing leather pants around looks a bit odd. Dont buy draggins they are crap compared to the motolegions that takamii produces.
  14. After crashing in Takamii's jeans first-hand, seeing the prices of and quality of the shit other people want close to double what Takamii does I'd never buy another brand (cough Sartso/Draggins/Shitft)

    I stacked it when I locked the front brake at maybe 40kmph down from 60+ and went knee/hip into the ground first WITHOUT armour. Literally not a mark on them. Full confidence that they would hold up in higher speeds considering the quality of the kevlar weave and the stitching is far beyond what I've seen on other pairs and considering the damage (or lack thereof) in my crash.
  15. I have a set of Bohn armored pants (www.bohnarmor.com) that I wear under my Draggins. Have hip, tailbone, knee and shin protection. Take these off at work and wear the jeans all day.
  16. I think I'll just get both lol.

    Cheers for the links.
  17. Fwiw, I had my dragging jeans on when I had an off and they were hardly damaged. Saved mynskin bigntime.

    That said, they were the "silverbacks". Not the super skinny fashion jeans which I think are the bigger sellers. These things are quality. Also, IMHO the canvas ones are rubbish. Sure, they are better then nothing and draggin are catering to the people who want canvas, but I won't be buying a second pair of those.
  18. I have A* track pant that ill wear on long rides, but for short trips jeans do just fine. Leather is the BEST protection under not riding abstinance. But only those missing out on life do that.
    Leathers save skin, not egos. Up to you.
  19. I'd love to try a pair of motolegion (takamii's) kevlar pants but the only reason I use the draggins is becuase they appear to be the only ones that produce ones that actually look like pants you can wear around the office.

    @takamii maybe start and thread to gauge the interest in a regular pant look. From memory there have been a few posts recently about riding pants you can wear around the office (although I might be thinking of posts from other forums here). I'd certainly be up for one or two - a black and beige pair.
  20. agreed - I am working on it - but want to ensure the cut etc is good and thatthe material used is a heavy weight twill type cotton so that they do not appear to be flimsy like dress pants but rather robust

    something like yakka and king gee use/make but office wear