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Draggin Jeans New Product - SLIX

Discussion in 'Site Announcements' started by vic, Aug 14, 2009.

  1. The Revolution is here! Draggin Jeans are proud to introduce Slix™ - the first slim fitting, protective motorcycle jean with a leather look. Whilst Slix have a unique leather look and feel, they breathe and move like traditional denim jeans. Constructed with quality stretch denim, and coated with a wax finish these innovative jeans are made to be worn fitted close to the body and will quickly mould to individual body shapes. Over time, each pair of Slix will age and develop their own unique creases and curves. No two Slix will be alike! Available in both men’s and women’s cuts, Slix are designed to be worn on and off the bike. The fit is lower at the waist than at the back to ensure both comfort and skin coverage whilst riding.

    As with all Draggin Jeans products, Slix feature the revolutionary knitted Kevlar/Dyneema™ lining. The lining is soft to the touch, breathable, flexible, non-allergenic and vastly superior to basic woven or knitted Kevlar® alternatives. The men’s Slix feature a plastic zip rear pocket for wallet security and are cut with a tapered leg. The women’s Slix are cut to the same pattern as Draggin Jeans’ amazingly popular Minx Jean. As with all Draggin Jeans’ products, Slix can be machine washed on a gentle cold water cycle.

    Highly fashionable and extremely functional, Slix are the motorcycle jean that everyone has been waiting for! Slix will be available in store in October and with a RRP of AUD$279 (inc GST) will move fast!
  2. Hopefully we can see some pics soon :D
  3. No thanks. I'd prefer to put that $279 towards my upgrade bike.
  4. i did too, with a new helmet. i thought meh, the one i have is enough. cept it was rooted.
    so if you need it, you need it (and will when you have a new bike anyway).

    but i take your point. all non essential expenses are gone till i get enough for an upgrade. All that time window shopping for bikes inspires me to save. :D
  5. Yeah. What i mean is, i would assume a fair chunk of current riders already have kevlar jeans or leathers. $279 for a pair that may look better then your current gear just doesn't really seem worth it, IMO.
  6. Wonder if my ass would look big in those? :p
  7. Love this dude's comment on the Face book site


    Slim fit jeans though i.e., no good for anyone who works out i.e., squatting etc.

    Think I'll spend the money on leather. Two pairs of kevlars is enough.
  8. I've got two pairs of kevlars, but they're both getting a bit ratty. Will have a look at these...

    I agree though, $200ish for the current range hurts a bit, $280ish for these might just be pushing the envelope a bit too far.
  9. hmmm skin tight mens size 44. yeah sexy. i'll keep to my 'traffic' 42's. i know where to draw the line.

    last paid of draggins i picked up was $240 so $280 isnt that much more.
    wish the bloddy denim lasted longer, less than a year and my draggins are wearing out. mind you i wear them 5 days a week
  10. That's arse-about.

    What I want is a pair of pants that look like Levi 501's but offer the protection of leather. What they've given us is pair of pants that look like leather and offer the protection of normal draggins.
  11. How would you get your donkey to wear them?:shock:
  12. Are the hip pockets in them still as shallow as a 15yo girl?
  13. I agree its a bit arseabout
  14. GF tells me I have a cute butt so these seem worth the $280 to me (and her I guess :p ). Protective pants are the only bit of gear I don't have yet, and I've never found a pair of kevlar jeans I liked (Alpinestars Axiom pants are ok though, which are US$160) until these.

    Just need to save up a bit.
  15. Panto?:-s
  16. My friend came around wearing a pair. I didn't have the hear to tell him they looked very emo and a little gay.
  17. Exactly.

    I'm thinking of getting some kevlar jeans, but the ones I've looked at appear daggy at best. I'm not that flush to be able to spend heaps on different pairs, so I'm trying out different ones.

    As you say - the look of Levi's with the protection. Surely it's not that hard.

  18. Ordered a pair of 32" Slix last night with a new pair of gloves. I'll post up some pics once they get here and I put on my flame resistant coat.

    Edit: I should mention that I got them for $240 not $280 from bikesplus.com.au as they're running a 15% discount for online orders atm.
  19. Finally got my pair on top of my mailbox this morning but had to leaver for work. They definitely have a look of the wax coating. I'll put some pics up later tonight with a few comments.