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Draggin Jeans Knox Knee Guards

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Farab, Jan 16, 2009.

  1. Anyone got a set of these they use in their Draggin's?

    This is the type that just velcroes on to the kevlar panel.


  2. I just bought these as I heard alot of stories of the knee armour shifting under the jeans.

  3. 1 - I wouldnt trust anything that can rotate around my leg to protect my knee

    2 - I wouldnt trust velcroe to hold it there on impact.

    I am with envy-t in getting a third party knee protector. Makes me feel better knowing that i have it strapped to my leg in place and not just hovering over my knee in case of an accident.
  4. I got a pair of junior (I have small girly knees) motocross knee and shin guards too - I looked at the knox stuff and even the sales guy said it was close to useless
  5. Details please.

    Had a look at the motocross ones, only thing is that they aren't designed for high speed impacts like you will get on road bikes, therefore most of them aren't CE approved.
  6. Here's some alternatives ranging from the cheap to the ridiculously expensive.

    I have a pair of the ICONS at the bottom of the page. They fit nicely under a pair of jeans and dont make you look like you've got freaky knees.
  7. Peter Stevens Ringwood stock them.
    They can go under or over jeans. I can't seem to find any links for them.

    They are CE approved and very comfy.
  8. I have a pair of the icons as well. They fit very well to the leg and offer good protection without being to bulky. I have heard good reviews from a few people who have had an off with them and came out well. I bought them after an off and hurt my knee, so i know that the knee can be one of the main parts that take the brunt of a fall.

    The only critism i have about them is the actual length of the velcro straps. There are three straps on that go around the lower leg, and they are all the same length. This means that the top one is tight (because the calf has a larger diameter) and the lower one is loose (near the ankle). I would suggest you try them on and check the straps.

    But i would say that knee protection is a great idea to get. Look at getting the road knee guards only, as most of the mx stuff has bracing and not so much impact protection.
  9. +1 to last line.

    I tried on the MX stuff and it was very uncomfortable to stand up straight. They seem to be suited to being in the slightly bent MX posy all the time.

    The ones I have are called 3X knee protectors.
  10. $2.50 worth of black elastic from Spotlight, and a couple of minutes on a sewing machine fixed that. :grin:

    It aint pretty but it fits. :LOL:
  11. Draggin (pun intended) up and old thread I know, but got a pair of the Draggin Knox Knee guards the other day, not the ones that velcro onto the kevlar, I got the ones with their own little sleeve that goes around your leg...

    They seemed like the best the stores I looked in had that would not get in the road of my boots (I wear full height boots)....

    So far have found them pretty comfortable, and they seem to stay where they should be.

    Sure you can probably do better for the money ($70), but thought I'd post my 2 cents anyway...

    http://www.dragginjeans.net/product/knee guard
  12. +1 for not getting something that velcroes to your jeans which means it can move and expose you to injury.

    I had Axo TMKP knee armour strapped on under my jeans and it saved me in my off. They give solid coverage from above the knee to well down your shin, since they are articulated at the knee, and three velcro straps can be adjusted as loose or tight as you like to keep the armour in place. I wore A* SMX-4 boots and it all fit without problem. They stayed intact after my knee impacted on a post, I bounced off then continued to slide down the road. There was a crack in them where they hit the post and were ground down just a little from sliding on the road once my Hornees wore through (which they did quite quickly on the sprayed seal surface). The only thing different on my skin was that it was a little bit red on my knee and that was gone by the next day. I had no skin loss or breaks. I've had it worse from sliding on thick green grass on my knee when I was younger.

    I see you're in NZ so I have no idea who you can go to there. I bought my knee armour from Bikemart at Ringwood and, at the time, their price (discounted to $70 from $80) was considerably better than Peter Stevens ($90 full price).

    EDIT: I just saw the ones Draggin now sell. They're a lot better than what they used to offer and look pretty competitively priced considering what everyone else has around the same price. If they're articulated at the knee then they're hard to go past at that price.
  13. I bought a set of TPro Forcefield Limb tubes for my legs. I don't use the optional velcro anymore. They're pretty comfortable, and I can wear them all day without taking them off to walk around. They're CE approved as well, and easy to put on and take off. I've had them on and bumped into a few things like tables etc with my knee, and didn't feel much at all!

  14. A pair of Fox Titans (velcro around leg) - stayed in place during my off. The draggins denim on my jeans was shredded - the kevlar and titans saved my knee.