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Draggin Jeans - K-Legs

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by NuXnug, Oct 29, 2009.

  1. Mainly concerning those previously, currently or prospective owners and wearers of draggin jeans k-legs product.

    Basically i purchased my set of k-legs roughly about 4 months ago. Just recently after washing and drying my set of k-legs i have noticed several to quite a few major signs of tearing and ripping in the first (outer) layer in & around the 'crotch' region. Most of these locations actually have complete holes/rips in the outer layer, to the extent of say approximately 5-10cm in length.

    ***Photos to be posted***

    I am in the midst of writing up a letter directed to draggin jeans, mainly questioning the integrity of the k-legs and questioning them as a brand i am relying on for safety protection. I also plan to take them back to the original shop just to query if they have experienced this issue before and what options i have in regards to getting them repaired (or inevitably current damage will spread/enlarge) or even maybe it been a 'manufactoring issue' to which what grounds/options i have from there.

    > I am curious to know if anyone else has experienced the same sort of 'wear & tear' in their own k-legs ???

    > Anyone else with opinions? words of advice?

    Reference Link: http://dragginjeans.net/product/k-legs
  2. I've had a set for a couple of years. Wore them daily for six months (in winter kept them on the whole day!), and weekly thereafter. Mine are 100% fine - sounds like a dud set and you deserve a refund.

    Are you sure you don't habitually wet yourself in them? Maybe that's caused premature wear. I know I was tempted to do so, 10pm on the Calder last Friday night, but I realised I would then be twice as cold. I don't recommend the habit, I think you should stop doing it!
  3. Letter shmetter, just call their head office and tell them what's happened, the service you will get is second to none.
  4. Thanks vic. Their service IS second to none.

    Called up yesterday, spoke to T***** about my situation and he enthuasiastically invited me to send them in or drop by the office. So i drove to their HQ today (after driving around in circles a bit trying to find the actual place) and met up with the him.

    Said he hasn't really experience/seen this before. More than happy to look after me.

    All in all, Excellent Service from Draggin Jean Head Office.

    Thanks guys
  5. I bought a pair of Clasic Draggins about 2 years ago, used perhaps a few times per month in the dry season (Kuranda rains and rains in the wet) and it has severe weakness in the denim fabric particularly on the stitched lines - such that last week I just pinched the cloth to pull the leg up a bit over the knee (to make it more comfortable when you sit down) and it just ripped a 100mm Tear across the top of the knee Kevlar patch. I showed someone what I did on the second leg a few days later and I could feel it do the same thing so I stopped before it gave way. It appears the cloth is extremely fragile and I was about to put on some iron on patches - but thought I would report it to Draggin Jeans first (before I did anything and before deciding on another pair of Jeans - probably from elsewhere) but there are no contact details on their web page that I could find, nor any way for feedback. Hence my searching the net (and NetRider) for others who have had problems.

    I woiuld be interested if anyone has a contact email or strategy for Draggin Jeans...
  6. Denim? Just to let you know k legs are leggings made of kevlar, they arent jeans.
  7. ozfossil, the contact page on their website might be a start: http://www.dragginjeans.net/contact

    Address, phone numbers, email addresses for many of their departments, opening hours, etc.

    Hope that helps, and that they can provide you with the help you're after.

  8. if its like 2 years ago, thats a fair while for wanting to do something about it now.

    But none the less, all the details on the website as sivartydrup has pointed out.

    Should definately be contacting them, very friendly bunch.
  9. Re: Draggin Jeans

    Thanks everyone who has replied here and privately - I have explained the situation to Draggin via the contacts provided and am now waiting on their advice.