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Draggin Jeans - Cheapest retailer you have found?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by jimmy_g, Aug 31, 2010.

  1. Im currently looking for a new pair of Draggin Jeans Slix, seems that prices vary to the extreme in some cases.

    A mate picked up a pair for $180 with Knee armor at the last Bike Expo and I paid $245 at Yamaha City in Melbourne for my last pair. I see specials every now and again but wondering if anyone has seen some bargains around lately?

  2. i got some slix for my gf yesterday from peter stevens, not the cheapest @ $240 for women's and i think mens where around the $275 mark. they came with free Kevlar socks though! peter stevens has heaps of the slix's
  3. Dunno what the dealio is with PS some times, just went in there and was going to buy a Dainese Jacket $999.95, Helmet $419.00, Slix $279.00 and the best disc they would give was 10% off RRP. He tried to make it sound like he was doing me a massive favor and that they dont give that much disc unless you buy a bike from them. Funny thing is last time i was there they priced matched at about 30% off. He still wouldnt budge. Oh well, Ill keep hunting that bargain price!
  4. Draggin factory outlet in Port Melbourne?
  5. I got my mens slix from bikesplus.com.au for $240, they still have them at the same price.
  6. I got a pair of Draggin "Biker Blue" from ebay. But first tried on what I wanted at Peter Stevens. So I knew what I wanted. About $165 on ebay - almost $100 cheaper than retail. Seem genuine. Same tags and labels. And damned comfy.
  7. Anyone know any cheap retailers for Sydney? I want to Next Gen or Slix but man $300 is just way too much dosh.
  8. As mentioned have a look at ebay, bought a pair from this bloke, they are genuine, same tags and packaging as what I looked at retail.

    Draggins from $149 to $189

  9. damn, he is cheap, good find
  10. Why bother with draggins,Moto leigon are cheaper and better value
  11. I guess the ebay guy has no staff and uses his garage as a store room... great prices!!!

    I think people want Draggin because it is a brand that they trust and a known quantity... With real R and D and testing on their goods... there was an interesting article in UK Superbike about all kevlar jeans not being equal and the only ones they said to trust are Draggin. They also said by their testing one brand that is advertising that they have passed the CE tests in their ads failed in their words spectacularly.

    I always remeber a true Dad-ism... the only word that goes with cheap is... nasty. I don't think cheap means value, or we would all be riding around on chinese scooters!
  12. I can vouch for the eBay guy referred to on this thread. Genuine article and great valie.
  13. I will remember that comment in a bad way :|
  14. I will remember this comment - in a good way :)
  15. Well I haven't bought mine yet, I was hoping on checking them out at a retailer first, so that I buy the right size, I was thinking of the new gens though.
  16. So who is your closest retailer and why not ask them to match the price?