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Draggin Jeans Cargo Review

Discussion in 'Pants' at netrider.net.au started by vic, May 7, 2008.

  1. I work in the security industry and find that I need to wear black pants a lot as part of my uniform.

    The black pants that I do have are simply dress pants. Not something you’d want to be wearing should you need to test the abrasiveness of our locally made roads.

    Yes, I now ride a BMW with panniers and a tail bag that I could fit a change of clothes into but they are reserved for when I’m touring. Just nod your head and agree, right ïŠ

    I drove down to South Melbourne to visit the gorgeous Fiona and grabbed myself a pair of Black Cargo Jeans.

    I have a pair of the classic Blue Denim jeans (Traffic) and let me tell you, when you throw yourself down the road in Tasmania ala superman style, they hold up pretty well.

    These jeans have proven themselves so I decided to stick with the Draggin Brand.

    The first time I put them on they were really comfortable. I’ve heard others say the Kevlar is scratchy and they get too hot yadda yadda. Scratchy? Hot? Must have been worn by some princess to give them that tag.

    I had a shift to do at Federation Square so I put the cargos on and headed in for my shift.

    The day was really cold and windy but the added layer of Kevlar helped with the chill. The legs felt a little cold down towards the feet but hey, we ride so we are expected to be a little tougher than the normal folk.
    Now standing around in a pair of Kevlar lined pants was going to be a fair comfort test for these jeans as they are made for riding, right? Well after 5 hours of essentially standing in the one spot looking out for protestors, I had forgotten that I was wearing Kevlar lined jeans. Bonus!!!

    One of the guards that I was working for said, “mate, they are really nice pants, where did you get them from?†I told him they were Draggins and showed them the little yellow tag that is on the right hip. Explained the purpose of the jean and how it’s full of Kevlar. As a non rider, he was impressed.

    Once my shift was finished, I simply put on my jacket and boots and off I went. Heaps of time saved not having to change in and out of pants.
    I also do security patrols with another company. I was riding into work and decided to wear the draggin’s to see how comfortable they are as an “everyday†pant.

    Once at work, I jumped into the patrol car and drove around all night. In and out of the car, walking around client’s premises then it dawned on me, I’m wearing a pair of Draggin’s and I barely noticed.

    They are as comfortable to wear on the bike as they are to wear “all dayâ€.
    I was thinking to myself, if I ever get shot in the arse or knee caps, I’d be able to write about how a pair of jeans saved my arse, literally.

    I’ve crashed in normal jeans before and spent an hour in the hospital being scrubbed with a nylon brush until the nurse said “hey, look, boneâ€.
    I’ve never ridden in normal jeans after that episode. (Shhh, that time I rode in shorts doesn’t count, it was 40c and I had to work.)

    As for the price, well, I’d rather spend some money than some time being scrubbed by a nylon brush.

    Out of a possible 10, I give these jeans a 10 for comfort and fit.

    If you are thinking about getting yourself a pair, then stop thinking and grab a pair. You will hate having to take them off.
  2. FYI, no longer in South Melbourne though :wink:

    Now at 11/9 Woolboard Rd, Port Melbourne, VIC, 3207
    Ph- 03 9646 0377
  3. +1.

    Got 'em, love 'em.

    Get some.
  4. I rate them too :)

    I rekon black Draggin Cargos would be good for semi casual uniformed environments like warehouse, etc, but i chose to wear black Draggin Chinos as I worked in an office environment (and even visited customers) and found them excellent.

    I was surprised at how many people didn't realise I was a rider unless they saw me step off the bike or carry my helmet and jacket.

    The draggins and Sidi boots i always wore were very discreet and comfy throughout an 8-10hr day.
  5. Thanks Vic, I had the problem of needing black pants for work (and being too lazy to always take a backpack and change) but couldn't find any kelvar stuff that was decent enough. I'll give these a go!
  6. I have a "few" pairs of draggin cargoes... I'm that much of a fan of them. Definite +1 on the ease of wearing and comfort and the rest.

    The only problems I've found is that they fade way too fast and that the cargo pocket pleats loose their pleatness with repeated storage.

    As for longevity, I still have my first pair. They are seriously used, almost grey now, 8 years old, thread bear around the crotch area, I had to redo the zip stitching as well, but the kevlar is still mostly sound and I'd still bank on them in a town speed slide.
  7. Yep +1, I have the black cargoes and they are a truly good pant! I have had a slide in them and worn them in all kinds of weather and they performed as well as a pant should. They are too hot to wear in summer so maybe have a look at the zip off cargoes?

    Black is great as it covers the grease marks that you will get if you ride a Hyosung [damn chain popping off and broken rear sprocket bolt!]

    I would say that for the casual work environment they are great but not quite dressy enough for the casual Friday at the office. Maybe Hornees for this??

    If you do find them a bit uncomfy [kevlar rash] then Hornet's idea of bike shorts underneath is the go. The pockets are great when you jump of the bike and need to stash keys etc. Make sure you get a tank protector as the zip and button can scratch.

    They do fade fairly quickly if you wash them but what true biker washes their clothes! :LOL:
  8. I've got a few pairs of those black cargos, I like 'em.

    The new knox knee armour they sell, however, is shit shit shit, I wish I could get the old big foam things again.
  9. Loz I was going to get some of the armour, why is so shit??
  10. Great review vic !
    On the subject of Draggins .. I recently bought a pair of black cargos and would like to share my experience with the company behind it all. Let's face it, a brand is only as good as the quality and backup provided.
    I went along to bikemart to try on a pair of draggin cargos in black. Couldnt find a size 30 black, so I tried on a pair in khaki. Fitted real well!!
    Anyway, looked at the tag .. 'size 28' :shock: I thought WTF? Oh well perhaps the sizes differ due to different styles. So anyway I figure take another look for a pair in black .. this time size 28. Found one!!! WOOT.
    No need to try it on right, I mean the khaki colour fitted well.
    Got em to the tailor to hem up. Threw him my pair of draggin traffic to measure off. Got my new cargos home .. tried em on :shock: :shock:
    NO WAY was I gonna fit into them .. WAY too SMALL !
    Oh SHIT! and I've had em altered.
    To cut a LONG story short ( a bit late eh ). I rang Draggin Jeans and explained what I've done, also added the bit about being a NR member.
    The lovely Fiona says .. "send em back to Melb and we'll fix it" !!
    Seems the other pair ( khaki ) may have been incorrectly labelled as 28.
    So I figured 28 in black would be fine and didn't need trying on. <<DUMB
    Anyway, She basically said they'd replace em with size 30 if they couldn't correct them. Even though I was STUPID enough NOT to try the pair on that I was purchasing. :roll:
    How's THAT for company support & looking after the customer eh :)

    Draggin Jeans will always be my choice.. Thank You Fiona and Thank You Draggin Jeans!!!
  11. Ive got some urban camos (the grey camo ones). They are great.

  12. +1 also. I need black pants for work so I got the black cargoes. The kevlar on the knees are a good padding for when I am packing bottom shelves and have to kneel down :)
  13. or going for a pay rise :shock: :shock: :LOL:
  14. Lucky for me my boss is a woman :grin:
  15. They're probably better in a crash than the old stuff, but the knox cups have sharpish edges and a cup shape that drags against your knees when you're off the bike. The old pads were quite large and flat, better to kneel on when you're doing spannerwork, and they don't get in the way if you wear them all day.
  16. And as an added bonus, you can now claim the Draggins on tax ;)
  17. I received an email from Draggin earlier today.

    Loz, you'll be happy to know that Draggin listen to customer feedback and they have gone back to the foam protection as to many people didn't like plastic ones.
  18. Well technically not, but the technicality would only come into issue if one was audited by the ATO :p

    I have black cargos and agree with everything said, I really like them. To the people who have the chino's, how do they look compared with say suit pants?

    I wear suit pants, shirt and tie to work. Thought about the chino's but dont know if i can get away with them. I havent seen them in real life to be able to tell as my local shops dont have any.

  19. I don't see any clients or have many meetings in my current job. I wear Hornee jeans on the bike, all day at work, on the bike home again, then don't bother changing if I go out to a pub etc afterwards coz they look good.

    Never had any comfort issue with them, I find them reaaaally comfy. Will get a pair of black ones though to look a bit smarter at work (and give me a chance to eash the other ones more often :LOL: )
  20. I had a similar experience to VTM with the sizing difference in the cargos, I bought a pair of the Black Jeans in a 28 and they fit perfectly, so naturally i assumed their sizing would be the same, but alas i was wrong. There does seem to be a sizing difference between the cargos and the jeans, as i am a 30 in the cargos. Needless to say help was only an email away.
    Within 2 days of me getting my cargos and finding out they were the wrong size i had a new pair fitting me perfectly as i rode to work!

    Great service, Great product, Great company

    Even convinced my brother to get some instead of a new pair of Hornee's