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Draggin Jeans Australia C.E. Certificates

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by DragginJeans.net, Apr 10, 2015.

  1. Below you will find the test results for both our C.E Level 1 and 2 lining. This is what has been keeping riders safe since we started in 1997. All of the CE Tests Abrasion, Burst and Tear are simple in design, yet very effective in outcome. They all feature minimum requirements which are applied strictly and consistently. The tests are not "material specific", therefore denim products are held to exactly the same minimum standards as those applied to leathers and synthetics. The result is a series of standardized tests that provide a comparable and recognizable benchmark.
    EC Type-Examination Certificate.JPG SKMBT_C28413031916420.

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  2. Are all your products tested? Or, just selected lines, such as the Holeshot?

    Any chance the tested results can be included on your webpage so we know which products meet which standard?

    My current pair of Draggin's are atleast 8 years old and really need replacing..
  3. Thank you for the question.

    The lining along with the outer fabric is what is tested. It is this same winning combination of lining and fabric that is used in all of our jeans.

    We stringently test every style throughout the design process, this is to ensure a rider can expect the same level of protection no matter what style they chose.

    Ride safe.
  4. Love your work guys, after seeing how far I slid down the road the ambos couldn't believe that I didn't have one scratch on my legs. It's draggin all day long for me
  5. Thanks for the reply. Does this mean all your current line of jeans meet the level 2 standard now?
  6. Currently the Holeshot style is the only style that provides you with C.E level 2 protection.

    All other styles reach or pass the 4.4 second abrasion C.E level 1 benchmark.
  7. Thanks, I appreciate the clarification.
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    Make a pair with hip and knee protection built in and I'll return to the brand.
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  9. We currently have four styles with in-built pockets for knee and hip amour. These being: Razzo
    Next Gen (Available in Indigo or Black)

    Our C.E approved amour retails at $25.00 per pair.