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Draggin jeans and jackets vs Material armoured gear

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Blackwolf, Feb 29, 2008.

  1. Hi all im new here and was just wondering what you all think about the draggin jeans range of clothing vs the material armoured range such as dri rider and the like.
    will soon be getting a cbr 600rr and will need some protective gear, all you thoughts would be appreciated. thanks.

  2. Hey blackwolf...I am in exactly the same situation as you (and I am actually buying the same bike as well)...

    Even though I have not worn any of the 2 pants I can tell you what my local bike shop said...

    I asked the same question as you and they said that the material armored pants are quite hard to walk in...so that basically rules them out for me as I would like to wear the pants to work..maybe I will eventually buy both..they did say that the armoured pants do protect more...I think the draggins are aimed at protecting your skin more than anything

    Anyway...I know this didn't exactly help...but that's my 2 cents :grin:
  3. all information helps, thanks Anton. so i guess the draggin protects the skin and the armoured helps the bone breaks i guess.
  4. You can get knee and hip armour for draggins :)
  5. Are you riding now? What are you wearing?? :?

    Like Caz, I have Draggins with armour (knee and hip) bought separately. If you get loose draggins, get strap-on knee armour, not velcro, which is only good for tight jeans. For play riding (perhaps why you're buying the 600RR?) I wear leathers with built in armour. For winter I have a winter textile jacket that has armour in it, plus rain pants to go over my leather or draggins. I wear a spine protector for my back armour for all riding.

    Hope that helps.
  6. so it looks like the idea so far is that armour is better than kevlar. i dont mind the armoured stuff, it's what i had before ( dri rider gear ). i was just wondering cause i like the urban cammo look of the draggin stuff. Im not riding at the moment, been a while since i had a bike. i'll have the cbr 600 for everyday riding ( and some fun stuff ).
  7. Get the proper stuff with armor. I find the built in knee armor to be unnoticeable but I only wear the pants going for a ride, not spending a whole day at work with them on.
  8. Buy both, you will find the draggin jeans best for everyday riding, and you can wear them around OK, but you need something warmer/better for cold or wet weather. You will probably find that you will use them both, I do.
  9. One can never have TOO much riding gear :wink:
  10. buy leathers, with armour and knee sliders. then wear 'em to work :grin:

    if anyone asks why your wearing leathers, just punch em. the carbon/kevlar knuckle armour in the gloves ur wearing will do the trick :wink:

    and ur safe from headbutts with ur helmet on.

    i love working in my bike gear :cool:
  11. Thanks Nibor, lol. the place where i work i would love to do that to the boss and the wanker foremen. sounds like a plan.... i'm in. :grin:
  12. No. They have different purposes. I like to have both: to protect both my joints and bones (armour) and my skin (kevlar in Draggins... or other abrasion resistant material, such as leather or certain acrylics like Dririder stuff). The Draggins are good, but not as tough as leather.
  13. I wear armour in my textile jacket (shoulders and elbows) and draggin' jeans (and gloves, boots, etc).

    I try not to take too many risks and hope :shock: not to need any of it....

    If I were on a sports bike, riding in an, er, sporty manner, I reckon I would go the whole "mid-life-crisis-bent-over-in-leathers" look and keep my helmet on!
  14. horses for courses :wink:
  15. you dont need any gear if you dont crash :grin:
  16. ^^^ tell that to the peops in hospital recovering from squidding...

    tisk tisk haha joking, valid point in concept.
  17. that goes along with the governments stance on speeding though, doesnt it?
    if we remove speeding, there will be no fatalities.
    therefore, if we simply dont crash, there is no need for any gear.
    follows their logic perfectly, time to ditch the helmets, and just stop crashing everyone.
  18. so if we stop crashes that means we can speed as much as we want
  19. I've crashed in Draggins a couple of times, including @ 100km/h. Saved my skin just like it's supposed to - I have no complaints. That said, I banged my knee reasonably hard, and it was a little sore for a few weeks. If you get armour, that's less likely to be a problem.

    If I'm going for a weekend ride I usually put full leathers on, however. The Draggins are for commuting. :)
  20. Thanks all for the input. will see how i go with gear when i get my new bike, but you have all gave me something to think about, thanks.