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draggin jeans and chafing!!!

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by kingy, Apr 4, 2012.

  1. Hey guys

    Bought 2 pairs of draggin jeans both give me chafing.. anyone else have this? Anything over 200ks and im red raw lol. Sorry for the image.. i have tried undies,boxers and breifs

    Any idea why??
  2. Nup.
    I have draggin cargo's and shift jeans. No chafing for me.

    Although I do get "ballslap" with the cargo's while going around lefthanders if I have boxers on underneath.
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  3. Lol ballslap
  4. Try some Curerash powder Kingy. It's for nappy rash, but it might help if you use it on the problem area. If they're too loose and bunch up a bit, that might cause a problem.
  5. Where's the chaffing ?

    if its between the inside of your thighs it means they have the gusset point to low ( front and rear rise lengths affect this ) - which is something most jeans seem to do and it really pisses me off on a personal level so I made sure in mine that this was not a design oversight

    So few companies give actually thought to the fit of jeans other than waist size and leg inseam

    There is a lot to be said about considering such things as zipper length - too long a zipper and when you sit down it bunches up to give you the pitching a tent look - you can imagine this rubbing against your tank and so forth

    other things such as the taper to the legs etc - seems most jeans are made straight leg - not a good idea for a motorcycle - who wants their jeans flapping in the breeze or having so much extra material there that they can get caught on pegs etc or can not be tucked into your boots

    next time buy RHOK jeans - where thought actually goes into comfort and where function overrides fashion (eg womens hipster kevalr jeans - oh yeah like your lower back and upper butt crack will never get road rash if you come off )
  6. No chafing here either, and I wear mine around all day. I do use a bit of moisturiser down there (not for recreational purposes either!) and have done for years and that helps a lot.

  7. Maybe get some long legged boxer shorts. Almost like 'Skins' compression garments. I use those and have no problems.

  8. bicycle style Lycra shorts
  9. Listen to Takamii, the man clearly knows pants.
    The cut is everything and requirements vary from person to person.
    Is the chafing along a seem? Try taping a cotton patch on inside where it chaffes.
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  10. good idea

    or take it to a seamstress - explain the problem they can sew in something for you in the area to limit the rubbing - like a scrap of velour etc - something softer that slides easy against skin
  11. There was a league player in the late 80s who wore cut-down pantyhose to stop chafing, before they invented those shorts they now all wear under their real shorts. Ask Kreeper for advice maybe?
  12. Yup , had it on every pair of Draggin's and even the newer mens Hornie brand.

    I found it's more the bike and how you ride, I used to get it every-time on the VTR but never on the cruiser or FJR1300.

    Since I still have the VTR I found the best solution is a pair of the most sexy female 3/4 length gym pants instead off jocks etc.

    Think of the Simpsons and "sexy" Flanders under my Draggin's :cheeky: :bolt:
  13. +2 for skins.
  14. this is a design fault?
    i thought it was the added "hello ladies" feature
  15. I've heard the best way to prevent chaffing is to lube up with KY..

    Maybe try some talc or baby powder? Do you sweat alot? If so skins are probably the way to go
  16. Yep, I'm also a victim of the chafing with the draggin jeans, I simply just wear a pair of skins underneath, helps with the sweat, and no more chafing.
  17. 3B Cream will help.
  18. Skins, or even just leggins will help prevent chafing. I wear leggins on really long trips - can get a bit hot tho (39degrees when riding to Adelaide), but better than pain.

    Baby rash powder once chafing occurs - clears it up pretty quickly.
  19. I'm a confirmed draggin cargo pants fan and user (their cut suits me). I only have kevlar irritation on very long rides, so I wear cheapie non padded bicycle shorts underneath. YMMV.
  20. around the ass cheeks area... just feel it rubbing and after awhile gets very sore...

    i will take them somewhere to get taken up as they are a bit long in length...

    cheers mate see if that helps