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Draggin Jeans and bad weather

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Spud Gun, Apr 6, 2005.

  1. One morning before I went to work, I was going to put on my waterproof pants over my draggin jeans but the weather looked alright, so off I went. I was about half way when the sky opened. Thankfully I had my dri-mesh jacket on, so my upper half was ok. It was my lower half that had issues. It was my first soaking on 2 wheels and imagine my surprise when I was doing 70KPH and all the tank water gets channeled over the tank and up my legs to areas that are not flattered with cold rain water. Anyway, I arrive at work and I couldn't believe how much water the draggin jeans were holding. I could have literally wrung them out. The Kevlar arse of the draggin jeans seemed to hold more water than the Blue Mountains catchment area. Anyone else find this? Are waterproof overpants the best way to go?

  2. have a mate at work that swears by the Dragon jeans. I asked him the same question about the wet weather, and he said that waterproof overs were the best option.,....

    unless of course u want to spend some major $$$ on proper leathers etc...
  3. I have a $25 pair of R-Jays overpants I wear over the jeans, not a drop gets in. Well worth it, you'll probably get 'em cheaper with Netrider discount too.
  4. Yeah, the waterproof overpants are the way to go, not very flattering, but they do the job...
  5. I have to agree if I am riding with the draggins and it looks like rain, the gortex overpants come on.
    Of course you do not have to buy gortex as there is other stuff out that will do the job as well. I just got mine at a good price.
  6. I have been wearing DCPU pants over the top of dragon jeans, or I just wear leathers.
  7. $20 wet weather daks from aussie disposals sit under the seat on all but the warmest of rides with me. next door neighbor just had his arse saved by my old pair when he was coming back from the island, they stop the wind too which makes the ride SHYTELOADS more comfortable on a nasty day.

    and if the daks arent enuff, i know you can get a full suit for around $80, maybe even less.
  8. Anyone got the new Draggin Dry pants yet? they any good?
  9. I haven't bought them but I was talking to the Draggin Jeans distributor about them and the salesperson suggested that I don't buy it. The waterproof layer is just some chemical coating on top of the jeans.

    It also isn't really waterproof, just the occasional spot showers, not down pours. And after around seven washes, that coating comes off so it needs a re-application.

    Finally the jeans don't breath so even in fine 25 degree days, you'll be sweating down there.

    The Draggin Drys apparently are quite popular over in european countries where they're apparently quite useful in snowy weather.
  10. ah the joys of motor cycling, sweating in the nether regions, icy cold rain water in the sack and crack. I wouldn't be dead for quids. :LOL:
  11. Must agree the overpants are the best option. As already pointed out they are easy to store under the seat as well. But there is another benefit of the plastic fantastic and that is that they dont breathe. So on wet humid days they are very uncomfortable. But those sorta days dont happen too often down in sunny melbourne...hehe BUT that is also a benefit! When the temp drops and it is cold the overpants are great at simply keeping you warm. Coz they dont breathe they keep much of the heat in so even if not raining they have benefits.

  12. i personally dont have draggins, but am seriously looking at getting a pair. just the regular jeans. but i can comment on the overpants. for about 20-30 bucks from any disposal store you can get a pair of waterproof pants and they work a treat. when its raining and cold and youre riding down the highway you wouldnt want anything else. they keep the wind out like nothing else (only plastic stops wind. ONLY plastic.) and they keep your legs dry. when your buying them make sure the inside leg length is plenty long enough. this ensures when you sit on the bike, the cuffs cover youre shoes. (unless you're wearing proper boots, in which case theres no need to worry.) when you put them on youll want them pretty high on your waist too so that the water running of your jacket doesnt creep into the gap between pants and jacket. you may look like a total geek, but at least you arent riding with wet undies. nothing is worse than riding with wet undies. hope that helped and was on topic...
    edit: i put the wet weather pants on over regular jeans and they're easy as to get on and off so putting them on over draggins should be no problem.
  13. Just bought a pair of black draggin jeans, got the armor inserts for them aswell. Must say I feel a like safer now, maybe not going to be a whole lot drier if it does rain but i don't ride in the wet when i can help it anyway. :)
  14. hey Spud, as most here know i just about live in my draggins :p

    and yeah there like a sponge when it comes to rain , however i keep a set of those thin plastic pants under my seat at all times, they do the trick at keeping those 'delicate' areas dry and comfortable. but if im heading out and i know its going to rain or get nasty i throw my dryrider pants on over the top for good measure.
  15. Deen bought me a pair of Draggin Jeans for my birthday last week and I'm lovin them :D
    I was only asking this same question Monday night....how much water do they hold and how quickly do they dry if you do happen to get caught in the rain. I was told that the Kevlar in them hold the water like a sponge, even more so than regular jeans. I also have the RJays over pants which go for $25 at BikeMart so I will be keeping them in the boot for days when it threatens to rain.
  16. Get the water proof cover pants... to wear over them..

    I have draggins and have been caught out a few times in the rain and OMG it feels like I'm wearing a nappy with a weeks worth of umm errr you know in them... Talk about heavy as well