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Draggin Jeans Alternative

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by OG, Nov 15, 2012.

  1. Hi

    I need a new pair of jeans , is there any decent alternative to draggin ?

    like a lot of people out there i wore draggin for a while but got sick of the appearance \ looking like im wearing a diaper .

    Ive ended up wearing standard jeans which i dont think is any good , generally im quite good , always have jacket\gloves\ankle-shin covering boots, ive been to a few stores and other than draggin they all feel like just plain jeans with no reinforcement .

    heck even if there is a double thickness denim jeans builders buy that would be better than what im currently wearing .

    im open to textile pants too as long as they are not super wierd looking , in essence what i think im after is motorcycle pants that look like standard pants and can be worn out socally
  2. Have you searched the forum for RHOK?
  3. ohh thanks had not heard of them , price seems great , does not look like there is a walk in store ill email them , you really need to fit on kevlar jeans from memory i wore a wierd size draggin compared to my regular jeans ,
  4. If you have to try before you buy, your options are pretty limited.

    I recently just bought draggin biker blue jeans, I was happy with how they fit and I'm one of those guys who'll spend $200 on a pair of brand name fashion jeans.
  5. yeah ive had a pair of draggin back when they let you go to the office in south melbourne i dont think they let you do that any more the rhok look slightly nicer and from the price im guessing the kevlar is slightly thinner than draggin too hopefully

    i guess online oversease is the way to go , hrmm getting the sizing right will be hard , suppose i could sell if they dont fit but pain in the ass

    anywhere in melbourne with a good selection of pants? peter stephans had like one rack of mens all of them were draggin
  6. Since you're in Melbourne I'd suggest getting along to this place:
    I've only been to their store near the Airport but they've always had quite a range of kevlar jeans/pants across a range of brands and prices. Also gives you a chance to try them on and compare differences in quality between the brands directly.
  7. If you're in Melbourne and you're interested in the RHOK jeans I think the seller lives in Melbourne too so I'm sure you can try them on.
  8. Takamii is the guy you need to PM he's the vendor.
  9. I did the draggin thing for a few years but moved onto BMW city pants, they have full on armour from the knee to the shin (really good quality armour) and at the hip.
    The are cooler in the heat than kevlars and have better abrasion resistance than kevlar jeans, I paid $250 for one pair and a lot more for the waterproof ones.
    They zip into jackets if needed and are comfortable to wear all day. I haven't worn kevlars since I got them over a year ago. The other plus for me is that they don't have BMW written on them.
    Check out the reviews before you consider a pair of kevlars, I got a mate into them and he has also now given up wearing kevlars, for the same price as Draggin etc you get a much better product.
  10. The Kitbag over here in Midvale (turns up if you Google it, I can't be arsed right now) have done some excellent kevlar jeans at good prices. Without actually crash testing them I reckon they are better in design and construction than Draggins. They've also done some with a different reinforcement material (Spectra) which I've not seen before. Unfortunately they seem to be running down their stocks of both types but it does mean that if they have your size in stock there are bargains to be had.
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  11. ok ill check out amx and kitbag, rhok tells you to contact http://www.motorcycleracegear.com.au/ and he replied really qick has nothing in melbourne for me to try other than draggin super quick reply though
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    Last edited: Nov 15, 2012
    o kitbag is in wa im in melbourne sorry , amx looks ok though

    the bmw city pants sound ok too , i like the sound of those , draggin were very hot for obvious reasons what brand or whatever were they ?
  13. Maybe check out Kevlar leggings., you just wear them under existing jeans.
    I've got a pair of draggin ones and find them pretty comfy. A little warm at times but not unbearable. Didn't really like the looks of their jeans, plus this seems to offer protection from hip to ankle add opposed to ass and knees only.
    Only other ones I saw appeared to zip into jeans from the same brand (can't remember the name) and so was pretty much useless without the jeans.
  14. +1 to the Draggin K-Legs, I've got a pair and love em!

    and AMX is good, lots of cheap gear. I bought a pair of draggin camo pants over the weekend, and saw quite a few kevlars reduced to around 100
  15. Actually mate I am in the Canberra area
  16. He only stocks the helmets in Melbourne
  17. I have a pair of Sartso Kevlar jeans, and they fit beautifully and look good (if i do say so myself). In fact, I like the look of them better than my levis.

    I tried on every style of Draggins I could find, and none fit as well as the Sartso pair.

    Got them at MCA in Sydney, and they were about $240. No armour included.
  18. There's a few alternatives.

    Rjays (I think I read somewhere they do a kevlar jean).

    And there's probably others. Also, have a think about moleskins (sp). A few mates swear by them.
  19. The cheaper ones at AMX (ie around $100) are X-treme brand, which is a Melbourne based company. They used to be Hoppers Crossing but seems they moved to Coburg.
  20. Lol good to know customers appreciate the quick response.
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