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Draggin Jean(Or similar to it) vs Textile Protection

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Ice_Prophecy, Jun 4, 2007.

  1. Hi all! I have several questions ^^ (Thanks in adv for your time)

    I've found that the textile/condura pants are more expensive in general. -->
    Draggin Jeans Vs Textile/Condura. Which is better value for money?

    My circumstance requires me to wear formal slacks to the hospital, so jeans are a no no. --->
    Can you wear those Textile/Condura Pants over normal clothing? Is it uncomfortable?

    Leads me then to safety-->
    Which would you wear for max safety in consideration of my clothing circumstance? ie (I should just go with draggin and change clothes @ destination, or wear protection over clothes and just take it off)

    and finally, which would you recommend?

    sorry for throwing all these questions out. I just got my payment and I dont want to blow 250$ on something I'm going to regret.


  2. I love draggins in the warmer months. Draggins will wear out quicker being denim. Mine have worn a hole through them in 16 months.

    I wear textiles in colder weather sometimes over draggins.

    If you wear casual gear underneath it will end up smelling of exhaust fumes and white business shirts go grey.

    Go and have a look at hornee as well, they are bit funkier looking.

    I would reccomend whatever suits you, give us an idea of usage.
  3. ddamn ddouble ppost :grin: :grin:
  4. For max protection you'd wear leather with impact inserts

    I'd recommend wearing something you find comfortable and just changing when you get to work. Keep your pants in a backpack/tank bag/rack bag/panniers etc
  5. Leather pants...

    or if i remember right ihaveduff's hornee jeans.
  6. Leather dacks in Brisvegas, hmm would get a bit sweaty methinks.

    If they get too uncomfortable then you don't end up wearing anything, so comfort is a big factor

    protection order
    • Leather pants
      Good textile
      Heavy jeans

    Comfort factor [all round]
    • draggins
      good textile
      leather pants
      heavy jeans

    So on my unscientific list, Good textile followed by Draggins. :cool:
  7. Hmm The general impression I'm getting is that Draggins and Textile are both very good.

    Because I will ride more casual. I'm probably going to go with a pair of draggin jeans - and slowly save for a textile one as well!


    For the time being I'll probably go out and buy a windproof pants to wear over draggins then.

    Thanks! ^^
  8. yep I got a pair of motodry pants cost about $130. So could have got the textile instead.. Draggins or similair are pretty cool and do look good if you decide to get off the bike and walk around, textiles are not nice for wandering around.
  9. I have black draggin cargo pants that look like normal pants when I take the knee pads out (expect the legs are a little longer than usual so they look right on the bike)
  10. I thought i could get away with this. But the staff there go rank at students who don't dress properly T_T I've been pulled a side several times.
  11. maybe go and try some on. mine look dead straight. they have chino pants as well.
  12. maybe he doesn't want to look straight? :LOL: :LOL:

    Yeah they do look like normal pants, Hornee are a bit "cooler" than draggin in the look but still jeans.
  13. I haveboth Draggins and textiles. I initially bought the textiles since they have armour in them, but it wasnt exactly something I could wear to Uni or that. Basically, the Draggins only have the slide protection but offer a casual look. Gotta compromise I guess...
  14. I started out with Draggins and still wear them if the weather is good. Got sick of crappy light waterproofs that all leak at the crotch and so bought some Dririder extreme cordura pants for winter. Much warmer and dryer. The pants have a quilted removable liner so if I need to dress more formally I remove the liner and wear my better clobber underneath.
  15. See there is your mistake, you got the Ullysses model :rofl: