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Draggin Hydro Waterproof pants?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Barters81, Jul 12, 2015.

  1. Cant say on this particular type mate, but draggin as a brand are great and top quality,i own a pair of slicks and expensive holeshots which are very well engineered,let us know how you go if you do buy a pair.
  2. You could always look at the thomas cook bike jeans wind & waterproof & cheap as well.
  3. I have a non-waterproof pair and they're great. At that price I might just let mine get soaked.
  4. It looks like the Thomas Cook jeans are not abrasion resistant. The Draggins do have kevlar. The Draggins almost look good enough to gwt away with at work. Anywhere to see them in person?
  5. I have a standard pair of Draggin jeans and some Bull-it jeans which IMO are just as good and cost me just over $100.

    Am interested in these waterproof ones, especially to see if there is a big difference over their oilskins. Their oilskins apparently are good for a shower but not rain. I need something fully waterproof.
  6. I have been court in a couple of heavy down poors & the pants have dripping but my legs & arse have been kept dry.
  7. Hi
    The Hydro pants (and jacket) are a new take on textiles. They aren't a denim/jean outer, but an active sport material that is waterproof and breathable. Unlike the Oilskins these have taped seams so the seams are also waterproof. They also have a full CE armour set included.
    The Hydro have the Draggin Roomoto lining and are tested to last over CE Level 1 abrasion resistance like our jeans, with the lining in the same areas. We have tested other brand name textiles and these without armour are lasting almost 10 times longer in abrasion resistance when using the CE abrasion tests.
    In a traditional textile the armour provides both the abrasion protection and the impact protection, so without the armour you have neither, protection is about the same as regular jeans, 0.5 seconds abrasion resistance. The Hydro lets the Roomoto do the abarsion protection and the armour do the impact.
    If you want to look at them any Draggin stockist can get them in for you if they don't have them in stock.
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  8. One thing that 10 years of riding every day in Tasmania has taught me is: Nothing is ever waterproof for long.

    Save your money, buy good gear that you like, and use the cheap plastic overpants/jackets for waterproofing. This was you can get gear with all the protection you need, generally more style, and heaps less money, and just replace the cheap plastic stuff when it starts to leak. It all packs down to nothing, so not hard to store, and you dont even need "motorcycle" waterproofs, just a trip to the camping store does the trick.

    Holy shit! $329

    Buy yourself a decent set of textile or leather pants, and you'll still have enough change for 5 years worth of plastic overproof pants.

    After being involved in a crash wearing kevlar jeans, I wouldn't even consider them motorcycle gear any more anyway