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Draggin (Cargo) - Will they stretch or shrink?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by daewoo, Oct 15, 2007.

  1. I am bit like a snake... absolutely no @rse... just back then legs...

    Unfortunately it woud also appear that I have a 32.5 inch waist. 34s seem to swim on me, but the 32s are too small when I try them on... too small across the bod (stretching the zipper)...

    I hate the idea of getting 34s and needing a belt, or 32s and doing myself an injury...

    anyone know whether I might expect them to stretch or shrink???

  2. Can't vouch for the cargos but if its any help i washed my Draggin Jeans for the first time a couple of weeks back (first time in a year whoops lol) and they didn't shrink or stretch. Still fit exactly as they did prior to washing/ wearing.
  3. Can you ask about 1/2 sizes? 33s can be done, just not sure about draggins
  4. Thanks DRMAT...

    You can get them custom sized $$$, or probably get them taken in a bit... No Kevlar in the waist, so ony alteration place should be able to do it... have to ask dear old mum :)

  5. Shame they don't make 1/2 sizes in small quantities. I'm often a 1/2 size, so generally will ask into it.

    Best of luck, hope you can find what you're after. :)
  6. I don't think the custom sizes cost any more from memory... i'm sure i recall someone on here had a similar problem and couldn't get the fit right and went in there to get measured and still cost him $220... worth a phone call.
  7. Have you tried Kripsy Kreme and Hungry Jacks? Those 34's will be fitting in no time :p
  8. I was thinking running and diet, and getting back to a 32... but I bought the 34's now... so Hungry Jacks it is... yellow gold

    Shame I didn't get the posts about the custom sizing being the same price until after I got back from MCAS buying them... still saved $20 getting it from there rather than from Draggin over the web...

  9. sounds like a good excuse to drink more beer :beer: :beer:
    you'll soon fit into those 34's
  10. Unfortunately, genetics in or family doesn't work that way :(

    I already have lucky legs... if I am anything like my dad, we just grow guts... so lucky legs and big beer gut a good looking Daewoo does not make...

    I ended up getting some 34's from McAS for $189.

    I called Draggin to ask about customs, but their price was $259 + $15 postage...

    I am just gettin the waist taken in on the 34s, don't have a price yet...

  11. 34's I just bought a pair of 44's and they fit me great, my god you must be tiny, lol

    No hang on I a Fat bugger thats right sorry. :bolt:
  12. None of mine have shrank after washing.
    Some of my jeans have gone through a couple of cycles and fit almost the same (just me getting bigger around the waist me things). :oops:
  13. My draggins didnt shrink at all. They feel a little more cumfy than when i first tried them on, but maybe ive just got used to them.
  14. Mine haven't.
  15. I'll soon find out. Just bought a pair of draggin traffic jeans size 30.
    :shock: YES :shock: I'm a small guy. Fits kinda firm so i hope they dont shrink :roll:
  16. Mine have never shrunk.. just faded a little irregular. I have to say for tall blokes the waist seems a little low. Chino's are a much better fit for me.