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Draggin Aus vs Draggin USA

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by bundy, May 19, 2008.

  1. Can anybody tell me if there is a difference in product between these two?

    I see the USA brand was first, are the Australia version a brand made under licence or completely different?

    reason for asking, with a strong $AUD, and Draggin USA jeans at around $100 US, its tempting



  2. Draggin Jeans are Australian. They export all over the world.
  3. hmm, cheaper to buy from the states???
  4. Think you need to do some homework pete! Draggin was started and are made in the good ol' US of A!
  5. But i swear i've seen one of those 'australian made' green tags on the draggins..
  6. Australian draggins are made in OZ, Somewhere in/near Northcote.
  7. I don't doubt that there may be two places where they are made,

    what I would like to know is are they made to the same specifications?

    Most people from this forum I would guess have Australian made ones, and rave about them,

    just wondering if I would get a similar product (quality and features) if I ordered from USA

    Seems to be described on their website the same


  8. I stand corrected :oops:
    Thats where I got confused. :?
  9. The US product line does not seem to include cargos, or anything other than jeans really :cry:
  10. And they offer larger sizes :LOL:

    I'll still order from Draggin Australia though, help what's left of our manufacturing industry :)
  11. Do you really think it deserves 'saving' if even with $40 going to US postal service the US company can beat the price by a clear 25%? (thats on a single purchase - if you bought more then the unit price will drop further still)

    I've seen a few second hand draggins on eBay go for $150 + postage. Why would anyone pay that when you can import new ones for less?! :?
  12. The aussie ones have more crotch room
  13. The Aus Draggins were originally made under license to US Draggin.

    When the main owner of US Draggins died the owner of Aus Draggins stopped paying his license fees but keep making them.
    The US company was still running (under the control of other family members) and there was a legal battle which was never properly resolved.

    Some people might call this theft.

    These days the two product ranges are very different
  14. Veeeeeery interesting.