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Drag/Street Racing Experiences

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by es, Mar 15, 2006.

  1. Today I whoped the arse of a guy who tried to drag me.

    I pulled up at the lights on bell street and the guy next to me... well it sounded like he was tryin got rev it a little.
    I looked over and yep, he definetly was trying to egg me on.
    So all in good fun, I rev it up... the lights change and I tear off.
    50 meters or so away I looked back to see the badass, souped up, concrete truck only just moving away from the lights.
    I bet the bastard by far and Im now at the limit so I stop accelerating...

    but!!! the truck driver is really into this. He wants to race hardcore. He must be doingaround 100 now, in this 60 zone, no way am i doing that especially since i saw a car up here the other day with a camera...

    He tried to race me all the way to plenty road! I wasnt having any of it, so naturally doing speeds like that he won, (up till i lanesplit past his bad trucker ass), but what a werid one!

    Whats the strangest drag youve ever done???
    I once had a little old granma (well, 60 or so) with a teenager egging her on try to race me :LOL:
  2. Ahhh it is just cause your cute :wink:
    He probalby just wanted to get you ahead so he could check if your tailpipe was smoking... :LOL:
  3. I had one against a postie on dandenong road once :LOL:
    and another in the car against some crazy old dude who was rolling down the left lane of station st (Box hill) in his electric old person buggy.
  4. hahaha
    hey eswen have u got that check out yet??
    :LOL: :LOL:
  5. when u ride a 600 any turbo car wants to drag u off the lights
    usually a car with 4 wheel drive will pop off quicker then u but u will beat them by the 1st gear is up and second will just distroy then
    i love my bike
    i whipped a 500hp supra the other day lol
    it felt great
    eswen u little hoon.... did u do a wheelie to just shut him up as well?? :LOL: :LOL:
  6. Yeah those old grandmas can sometimes be suprisingly quick and actually beat you off the line if you're not expecting it.
  7. hmm a smoking tailpipe!~ :roll: oh here we go again :LOL: :LOL: good to see u dragging trucks of the line ES :cool:
  8. yeah cause they have a lead foot and drive auto
    they just plant it down :LOL: :LOL:
  9. mate...
    just wait till eswen gets her 600...
    she will do wheelie while lane splitting... :grin: :grin:
  10. On the odd occasion I've fallen for this, I usually like to give them a head start, you know, just to let them think they have an edge, and then whip past straight by their window when the power catches on. Much more fun than straight off the line even stevens!
  11. this would work if i could do wheelies...
    nothing more embarassing then getting slaped on one wheel :LOL: :LOL:
    plus the cool factor is huge
    unless u stack
  12. I need to know if I am reading this all correct here. We are talking bout a 250 beating a cement truck at take off at lights? I would bloody hope it can cause other wise mine would be in Sims Metal. I think my Nanna could beat a truck while walking :LOL: :LOL:

    More fun I think and more comp TRYING to beat someting ya knwo will give ya a run for ya money and perhaps have a chance....
  13. P-platers can be fun. For some reason they usually always try and shift into 2nd early (usually around 30-40kph) yet both my bike and my car will easily do 60kph in first. Usual trick then is to just match their pace up until the point they try changing gears (let's them think they're doing well). Then as soon as they lift off for the change I'll open the thottle fully and leave them well behind. Usually leaves them a little surprised as to what just happened :LOL:. Of course the poor losers will then catch up and tear past at 20-30kph over the limit but that really doesn't prove anything.
  14. umm case dismissed Es :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  15. Perhaps you had to be there :LOL:
    The guy knew there was no way in hell he would beat me. I normally wouldnt have bothered.
    He just wanted to see a show, which is also what was yelled out the window when I asked him WTF.
    He had some nice moves tho!!! he did that pimp bounce thing... dya know what i mean? anyway, it was all in good fun.
    When we pulled up at the next lights he tried to convince me to do a wheelie.
    I popped a little one :LOL: havent done one since I got my chain replaced.

    Fun times!!!
  16. On the odd occasion I ride to work I often get young idiots try to keep pace with me. I usually lose them quickly though once I lane split. What they don't seem to realise is that on a bike it's quite safe to move lane to lane or to split passed cars...not quite so safe in a ute.
  17. Yup, mum had a Lotus/Singer (a late 50's bad-ass English special) that was a great influence on me when I was 5....then later she had a Rambler Matador (she said she had the choice between a '75 Volvo Station wagon and the Matador, but the AMC trounced the Volvo in a straight line). That beast couldn't corner, but in a straight line, there's no substitute for cubic inches. Mum has a very heavy right foot, and the grey hair and innocent look to get of speeding fines....she also taught all us boys how to do burnouts, but thats another story!
  18. unbeleivable some of the crap that gets posted on here :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :eek:wned:
  19. Two old blokes that looked at least 60 in the front of a newish falcon, and what looked like their two wives in the back...

    Only noticed when the falcon was moving about while we are all sitting at the lights, I looked over and theres these old people all laughing and I'm thinking WTF? only to notice they were stoking up the back wheel.

    I pissed myself at this stage and the old timer in the passenger seat looked over and told me to "do a burn mate!" So I stoke up my RX-7 quicky on the spot aswell and get cheers from the blokes in the front and straight out laughter from the old gals in the back! They then proceed to tell me its a hire car and we have a drag when the lights go green, and that old boy thrashed that falcon as hard as he could!

    It was great, I can't wait to freak out young'uns like that when im older ;)
  20. the strangest drag i have ever had was when i dragged a big truck at the lights onetime ](*,) god how embarrassing of me to tell u this ](*,) :eek:hno: