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Drag racing

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by HOON, Nov 22, 2006.

  1. Has anyone had a go at this?
    I have just seen it posted up in the events, and I am interested in having a go at it, the Warrior isnt much good for track days, but it would be awesome at the drags.
    What do I need to do?
    Is it just like taking off at the lights hard?
    Do you have to wear full leathers? I have draggins and a leather jacket, will that be enough?

  2. Hi there Hoon

    You can surely do it in draggins and a leather jacket, boots and gloves (helmet of course)

    it is very easy really, I did it on my Ls with only 6 weeks riding experience, and had a blast!

    some of the bigger bikes show off there burn out talents in teh pretense of warming their tyres up (not to impress the girls NOOO)

    Then you coast up to the line till the first staging light goes on, then DONT MOVE! until you are ready to go cos as soon as you move from there even a tiny bit the second stagting light goes on and once both bikes have both staging lights lit the tree goes through 3 ambers and you take off on the green!

    This is where it differs from the traffic lights cos you will see on the clock how long it took you to react and take off......the time can be surprising and in a race can mean the difference between winning and losing.

    They give prizes for a 0.00 second reaction time.....something it is very hard to do cos if you break out early (before the green light) you get a negative and will not win even if you cross the line first.

    The lights are staged .4 seconds apart so the idea is to use the first couple of runs to figure out when you are breaking the beam and then take off on the appropriate amber in order to get a lower reaction time.

    Try to keep the front wheelk on teh ground and go like the blazes, red line your bike to its ultimate powerband and get to the line first (if you can) Unless of course you are ona 2fiddy then you are racing against yourself :p

    It is great fun the surface is first class, they have professional photographers there and after the race you go back and collect your time ticket to see your reaction, 60', 200' and ET times in writing.....

    I would love to see more chicks having a go........there is nothing stopping us from beating the boys!!!
  3. Thanks mate, I will be there for sure.
    Do many bikes go to this?
    I have never seen it before otherwise I would have been out there.
  4. do it!

    Ive done it Calder Park (VIC).

    It cost about $60. Great fun. Just gotta get used to the launch because the grounds so sticky from the burn-outs the cars do.
  5. Before my accident some 3 weeks ago, my best mate and I were considering going to WSID on a weds night for a bit of fun..

    Will have to wait untill I recover from my injuries and get a new bike now!
  6. As you are a Sydneysider Hoon, I suggest you get in touch with Western Sydney International Dragway (www.wsid.com.au) and check out their "Wicked Wednesdays". It is street car (and bike) drag racing on virtually every wednesday night, where you basically rock up on your street vehicle (in roadworthy condition, meaning no oil leaks etc) pay your money and away you go. Perhaps you could just spectate for the first visit to see what happens, and if you like it, enter the bike to race the next time. If you're not sure where it is, its basically over the back fence from Eastern Creek Raceway.
  7. Thanks talon, I went for a look at the last Bike Night, it looks great and I cant wait to give it a go, I have even bought tickets to go to the top fuel event on boxing day.
    I didnt even know there was a drag strip in Sydney, so it came as a big shock to know there was a 1st class set up so close to home.