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Drag Racing

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by UDLOSE, Sep 22, 2010.

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    I took my daytona to the drags last week and stuck the camera on it. The camera was causing me problems on the tank because I couldn't get my weight over the tank and couldn't tuck in enough, but it was good to get a video all the same. In the second run (in the video) you see the camera point down halfway down the track. Thats because my chin bumped the camera when I tried to tuck in. Looks a bit silly but you get to see some clutchless shifting going on.

    Next run without the camera was 11.08@126 MPH, thats my PB. I got a much better launch in that run, the wheel lifted straight off the clutch on the line, came back down then lifted again at the top of 1st and I changed into 2nd still on the back wheel. So close to breaking into 10s that I can taste it. If I had another run I'd have done it I reckon. I might go back in a few weeks and have another try.


  2. Nice run, I like watching the needle almost hit the redline, drop down & do it all over again.
  3. I notice you subtly chose the right hand wheel-track as your lane; lots of sticky stuff there?

    I admire anyone who races; I'd scare myself witless before I got to the line, I'm sure :LOL:.
  4. Yeh the wheel tracks make a huge difference at the drags.

    I worked out I've done just over 50 quarter mile runs on various bikes and cars. Now it doesn't worry me but I remember the first few times I went I'd cross the line and my leg would cramp up so bad I'd have to stand up on the pegs at 200kph. It was because I was gripping the tank so bloody hard! I've still got room for improvement on my launches and reaction times but I've found that you can only put your effort into working on one thing at a time until it becomes automatic.

    I find that drag racing has really helped me with my track riding because it trains you to milk every drop of horsepower out of it. Plus I've also almost finished building my drag car so it's good practice for that too.
  5. You tried chucking some stomp grips on the tank?
  6. Good effort, should be easy 10s with that mph

    What's you 60ft times look like?