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Drag racing (WSID) street meet 20/04/11

Discussion in 'NSW' started by UDLOSE, Apr 19, 2011.

  1. Want to flog the Christ out of your bike without the man spoiling your fun? If so join me at the drags tomorrow.

    I'm going down to give the 600 a run to test out some changes.

    It's open to anyone with a valid license. $50 to race, u gotta be in by 7, gates open at 5.

    For more info see wsid.com.au, if you've never been check out the helmet standards and gear requirements so you don't get turned away.


  2. Saw ranga Paul at Krispis an hour ago, blokes blind as a bat, trying to wave him down
  3. Lol! He's too Unemployed to race tomorrow!
  4. Hey Goz I changed the gearing on the 600 last night -1/+2. it's no longer a gutless nuget! Maybe I'm not used to going fast anymore but I reckon it'll blow the triumph away in a straight line. I reckon I'll finally get a 10 sec pass tonight!
  5. $50 only?!
  6. Yep! It's a bit of fun and it gives you good practice for shifting at the circuit.
  7. Awesome! Enjoy yourself. :)
  8. What time did you end up getting?? ill have to get u over here to change my gearing :) My Glass is getting made now, 4 weeks to get here, lower is matt black, upper is pearl white
  9. Oh shit only just saw this Marty.....
  10. had a great time catching up......ill let Marty and Trent tell their interesting stories :p
  11. goz where did you get your fairings from how much
  12. What did you do?....:-s
  13. Nothing marty lost his key to his bike and had to borrow mine togo home to get hos spare key
  14. whats with Marty losing his keys, thats the 2nd time now
  15. You also lost your phone :p lol

    At one stage we got desperate and started digging into the bin, taking garbage out and hoping to find the keys there. Was a great night lol.
  16. Yes i did i forgot about that phone fell into my donut bag.
  17. I sware my a* jacket has a hole in the pocket.. I'm so paranoid about keeping my keys in a zip up pocket yet I've managed to lose my key twice while wearing that jacket!

    Lol at the phone in the doughnut bag Trent! What about the slug on the water bottle?