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Drag Racing ( post your ET's )

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by mr_sikma, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. Hey guys

    I hit the drags on the weekend on my fairly stock '08 Z1000...

    Took me a bit to get used too and after 8 runs I was getting better!

    Ended up running an 11.85 @ 116.47mph

  2. My 1986 Toyota MR2 (120hp, 1.6L) used to run 16.36 @ 83mph with a 2.2 second 60'. XD

    Haven't tried taking the Tiger 1050 to the drags.
  3. how much does it cost to go for a drag?
  4. up where i live it cost about $50 for 3-4 runs but that is northen nsw
  5. I ran my 96 Ford Fairmont in street trim 16.05 @ 90.76mph while dumping all my coolant on the track midway through. I think it could have done mid to high 15s.

    Haven't tried on the bike...but I'd hazard a guess at mid 13s with the VFR400 in race trim?
  6. Never run the bike and I think I'd struggle to match the factory time of 10.5
    I've run the ute and managed 13.0@109mph and my old Mazda 12.6@14mph both as driven on the street.
  7. Drove my taxi to the track

    Ran 11.6 @ 123 mph

    Did 10 11 sec runs in a row within an hour and went home no issues

    Would have run an 11.3 with trans tune, car was mostly stock very minor mods just cooler cat and injectors, factory exhaust intake and everything else

    Haven't taken the bike, but it will run a 12.8 @ 108mph LOL
  8. My Aprilia RS125 best I've gotten is 14.909 @ 86mph and my Suzuki SV650S was a decent 12.1 @ 107mph with a 1.9 sec 60ft time.
    See my Avatar for one of the burnouts I did at the drags :D

    I'm sure with a better launch I could break into the 11's :)
  9. I really want to get down to the drags in Melb to practice my race starts.

    Anyone been ? Or want to come with?
  10. I've only been once but I really enjoyed it. Would like to go again, I think it was about $50 for the night (6 or so runs).

    Going in a straight line is not as easy as you would think!

    11.8 on a K8 1000
  11. Farrkk that is cheap! What a great way to spend the night -
  12. ran 11.4 on a GPZ900r in 1986..
  13. No ET yet. I'll let u know after this coming Wednesday. I'm heading out to WSID this wed for a bit of straight line fun. Never done it before so should be interesting. Getting off the line quickly and cleanly will be the tricky part, I'm sure. Oh, and keeping the front wheel down. Any tips for me from you experienced drag racers. BTW, I'll be on a silver K3 gsxr thou.
  14. $50-60 for a night of straight line fun, where you have no worries about keeping you license at the end of it!

    On a good night at WSID in sydney, they will be turning cars around as they are at max capacity!
  15. A mid 12 on a KX 500. Stock gearing, knobbie tyres and all. Exactly as I was riding it around the paddocks and trail riding :) Pretty quick for a dirt bike I reckon.
  16. I've done 11.0 on my old Daytona 675 (2008) and on my cbr600rr (2007) track bike.

    I'm taking one of my bikes to the drags this Wednesday (Sydney dragway)
  17. I've never raced a 1000 as the drags but basically the more you bog the bike off the line, the harder it's gonna lift at the end of 1st. You gotta ride the clutch a fair bit.

    Other small pointers are;

    stage the bike in a wheel track, not in the middle of the lane (more traction)

    Drop your rear tyre pressure down heaps - to around 15-18PSI

    Take off with your right foot down so your shifting foot is ready
  18. nice1/4 mile run....i looked up your channel keep up the good work.

    any suspension work on the 250rr??
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  19. Cheers mate, thanks heaps for that.