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Drag Racing Experience.....

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Tweetster, Sep 16, 2012.

  1. So... It was a fabulously sunny day today in Sydney... For an adventure.....Allbeit a short one! :-s

    We went to the drag strip at Eastern Creek, to watch grange take a ride as a passenger in a drag car. Well there was a special deal on the day for those accompanying the booked passengers. One thing led to another...and I found myself parting with cash to ride shot gun with grange in a special 3 seater (2 passengers plus driver) drag car!! *gulp* this wasn't part of the plan 8-[

    We got geared up, had an introduction session about the drag cars and what to expect....and all too soon, it was our turn. I smile nerviously at the ambulance team as I follow grange gingerly to the waiting drag car.

    They strap you in pretty good!!... and even tie your hands down so they can't wave around. Thumbs up!!... And we started up.....Er!!... I was meant to be watching grange do this... and now I am strapped down waiting to blast down the drag strip!! OMFG!! I try to glance at grange, but you now can't move your head!...](*,)

    We roll to the burn out strip and the car jolts wildly as the wheels spin in a pre drag spin. F*ck!! ... What have I gotten myself into??....

    I glance at the lights at the start of the track.... The yellow light flicks on and the car bellows into a waiting stance and begins to shake wildly.... F*ck, f*ck, f*ck..... Green light.... A mad blast of engine, more violent shaking and then an almighty slap of speed and we thunder away from the start line.

    O-M-G.... A weird wave of motion hit as we leapt off the line.... followed by an odd sense of calmness as we continued to accelerate down the track.

    I felt the car slowing in what seemed like a second... and we were at the end of the run. F*cking hell... It was fab!!..... The car turned at the end of the strip and we trundled back to the starting line where we rolled to a stop. Wow!!!... Just wow!!

    Short but definitely sweet!!

  2. On Board Video

    Adrenalin 3 Seat Drag Car

  3. Fuchs Top Fuel Car doing a practice run

  4. I thought you would be used to 6 seconds of excitement from grange.
  5. :rofl: ..:cheeky:
  6. Looks incredible, though at a 9 second pass, perhaps slightly detuned.
  7. Looks like fun Tweetster (y)
  8. The telemetry shows it was a 6 sec pass.

    Get on, get off, have a beer, problem solved....
  9. ... Nice to see the age of chivalry is not yet dead!!.....[-(
  10. I got a shiver down my spine reading that Tweets, so I can only conclude it was well-written - nice one...
  11. ... Fanks Kreeps!! :) Did you watch the YouTube clip?... grange & Tweets 6 orgasmic seconds with a throbbing hot rod!!.... Oh wait...:-s
  12. I did, but I think something was wrong - you seemed to move a little bit during the act ;)
  13. .... Oh!!... I must have felt a little prick!!....8-[

  14. Hence, my signature :LOL:
  15. Sorry, didn't realise it was only 1/8 mile. Still, a 6 second pass, slightly detuned. Not trying to take the polish off the experience though, I reckon it would have been manic.
  16. ...yeah!....we got even less for our money!! :grin:

    ..it was manic tho!... :)
  17. Ok I just saw the price of it, fark that, even have to pay extra for the video footage, rip off if u asked me
  18. .... It was a birthday pressie.... One I was happy to facilitate...:)
  19. Your paying for an experience, which riding in a drag car is not something that most people would ever be able to do.

    Yes, the V8 ride and drive is better value for your dollar ( have already done it and will do again in a few weeks), but I'm very happy that Tweets was good enough to have gave me this opportunity to experience the drag car (was birthday present).

    The people that run these events, are very professional in all aspects, especially safety wise. If anyone had thoughts of doing one of these events, but wasn't to sure about it, just go for it. You won't regret it....
  20. Consisting or would have the engine rebuilt every couple passes, I'm not surprised it's expensive.