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Drag Race Fail

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Stever42, Oct 4, 2014.

  1. I was tossing up where to put this, Embarassing Newbie Mistakes, or Mini Rages, so I thought I should make a new thread.
    To the dope who failed massively trying to drag off his mate.

    I'm riding down Canterbury Rd on a glorious sunny day. Probably too sunny as it's brought out the idiots. Turning onto the road I saw a couple of bikes at the front of the lanes at the lights where they've filtered to the front awaiting the light change. They didn't catch up to me at the next set of lights, but they do at the following set.
    I've filtered to the front at the lights and sit in the left wheel track of the centre lane.

    The first rider (on a KTM) comes up the bike lane and sits in the left wheel track of the left lane.
    The second rider (on a MV Augusta) filters up between lane 1 and 2 and parks in the right wheel track of the left lane, on my left.
    They proceed to rev the bikes and egg each other on for a drag.
    I don't pay them too much attention. As long as we all get away cleanly in front of the traffic I don't mind what they're up to. It's a 70 zone ahead though so it's not going to be much of a race if that's what they plan.

    So the lights go green. I'm conscious that these guys are both in the left lane and might need more room and we all take off.
    The guy on the Augusta is slightly ahead and cuts across into my lane. That's OK, he's still accelerating so I'll cruise along behind him. Until he needs to change gears from 1st to 2nd and can't. I'm rapidly gaining on him, the KTM has passed him, and he's still hitting the rev limiter and trying to get into 2nd.
    Quick head check and jump into the left lane before I go up his ass.

    I'm guessing he was so intent on changing gears quickly that he wasn't releasing the clutch enough to engage the gears, or something similar.
    The message -
    1 / If you're going to try and race your mates, don't do it in front of other riders unless you can actually change gears.
    2 / If you move into someone else's lane try to ensure that you are going faster than them, and will continue, or that there's plenty of clear space to do it.
  2. It's a MV, the gearbox probably jammed up, I met a guy on one once who was stuck in 1st haha
  3. MV riders wrists are too limp to use the clutch properly
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  4. I was racing a mclaren on my aprilia and the quick shift failed... Redline and CLUNK... How embarrassment.
  5. I don't think I've ever seen a real mclaren on the roads. That's cool. Unlucky for the shifter though lol
  6. I've seen 2 now... My vtr250 absolutely smashed the other one.... But it was stuck in traffic. The first one was cool.. Not often u pull up next to a car and when they rev you think ..yeah, alright.
  7. A few years ago now, but I was waiting at set of traffic lights in the left lane on an old Harley when some young fella pulls up in the right lane on some sort of sports bike. I look over to give him a friendly nod, but he's not looking at me, so I pump the throttle a few times , the youngfella is keen for a race and sets himself up in the I'm ready to drag race position waiting for the lights to go green. The lights turn green and the young fella takes off, the engine is screaming, but in his eagerness to beat me he has almost flipped it and has to back off and regather himself before he can grab another fist full of throttle, which he does eventually. Unfortunately he didn't notice I had my left indicator on and was turning left at the intersection, I just calmly carried on down a different road and left him to his drag race.
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  8. not a drag race race but i very nearly looped my mates zxr250 on a big hill at Maroubra beach many years ago when we swapped bikes, i was riding a noisy 2 stroke at the time

    I couldn't here the engine on his 4 stroke two fifty it was so quiet, he said i had it near red line when i let the clutch out!