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Drag Nite - Sydney 11th April

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by ali 600, Apr 4, 2007.

    Come on out folks and show us what YOU'VE got! Wednesday 11th April. Off Street Drag Racing at Western Sydney International Dragstrip.

    Wanted to give drag racing a try? Enter this months event and go into the draw to win your next entry free! All first-time drag racers are eligible!! Prize drawn at 9pm on the night. You will also be eligible for the other prizes on offer.....

    Other PRIZES also on offer:
    * Best 60ft time non-LAMs Bikes ---> wins a competitor entry ticket to WSID for another Bike Nite AND a $40 voucher for MCA Parramatta

    * Best 60ft time LAMs Bikes (must be more than 1 bike - no L platers sorry) ---> wins a $40 voucher for MCA Parramatta

    * Best Reaction Time ---> wins a competitor entry ticket to WSID for another bike nite

    Conditions: No ANDRA licence holders are eligible for the above prizes. You can't win the same proze category 2 months in a row.

    Gates open at 5pm
    First run: 6pm, Last run: 10pm
    Entry: $45 entrants, $15 spectators
  2. Micky will be there...

    ...oh wait wrong kind of Drags.
  3. Awesome, should be there.. there were a few bikes last time :)
  4. Hopefully I can finally make it for this event (as a spectator).

    I live in the area, and still have not made it down to the site.
  5. Will see how i feel, but i might be there to drag, if not this month then i'll do it next month. Duff recons his old vtr250 ripped a cbr250rr. So... prolly next month we'll be dragging with bragging rights at stake

  6. Excellent!! Should be a good night as there a quite a few people saying they are going to come along! The weather even looks to be on our side......for once!!