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Drag bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by BlueRex, Oct 17, 2007.

  1. I saw my first Drag bike in Aus last night going down Punt Road, it looked so rediculous. Still not as stupid as this one.


    i don't see the point in them, they would handle like a truck.

  2. fcuk that thing is gorgeous. sure it would handle shit....but damn.
  3. Hehe I like the pipe..

    Would be fine if you only did freeways :)
  4. Ridiculous on the street, useless in the twisties, great on the strip! :grin:

    This chick is on another forum I'm on. She's was running NOS, but has picked up sponsorship and will be going turbo next year. The guy she bought the bike from (now sponsored by the same turbo mob) is running mid-7's!! (This is in the States.)

  5. What exactly is rediculous about it? They do look a bit strange compared to a normal bike, but then so does any drag machine. Most of the drag bikes are incredibly well presented. The drag scene for more streetable bikes is just really starting to come to life in Victoria and NSW.

  6. I think he means they look ridiculous on the street. On a drag strip, sweet as!!!
  7. It is rediculous because all they are good for is a straight line. Everyone talks about the twisties, well these would be crap in that situation.
  8. Bikes in drag? Not my cup of tea, but I don't discriminate...
  9. well seeing as 50% of the busa riders a have meet can't handle a set of twisties anyway makes sense that they would do that sort of thing
  10. I like the very slightly stretched ones (4 inches or so), street reg, and still handle ok. Most people wouldn't even notice, but damn they would give you a fright in a straight line. :bolt:
  11. You've answered your own question, the point of drag bikes is (wait for it) drag racing strangely enough.....
  12. probaly no more ridiculous as a Harley that handles worse then a truck, or with a set of ape hangers 3 ft high.. ;)

    Each to there own.. The Busa pictured above, I would love to commute with that to work (which is from the Westgate all the way down the Monash)
  13. +1 that bike looks sexy as hell.

  14. B-Doubles dont handle that well in the twisties either. The space shuttle isnt a great machine for the RedBull Air Race Series. Whats your point? Believe it or not, some vehicles are designed with purposes in mind OTHER than carving up the spur.

    Its a DRAG bike. Designed to GO FAST IN A STRAIGHT LINE!!!!! Dare i say you would NEVER see one of these bikes at the spur. :LOL:
  15. yeah. lets all stop baggin eachothers bikes, hold hands and just love one another for being fellow riders....love your own bike, if you dont, sell it
  16. Single front disc-rotor?

    He trying to save weight or does that thing actually have a parachute???
  17. Judging by the yank number plate in the background, that one in the pic is no doubt a "pose" bike, pretty much to cruise beach fronts, bike nights etc, they do it (dump and stretch) to all sorts of bikes over there, similar to how they jack old pieces of shit over 30" wheels

    The one pictured is not a drag bike, I doubt you'll find too many drag bikes nickel plated etc etc
  18. Hi all,
    Even if it is just a show bike, not a racer,
    it has a very sweet finish, really nice paint job.
  19. Here's the text from the original pic:

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  20. That was my entire point this thing i saw was NOT for drag racing just the poser look.