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Drag 5.45pm Ferntree Gully Rd

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by KLR Nirvana, Feb 9, 2011.

  1. Just a friendly shout out to the guys who gave me a bit of a drag on FTG Rd tonight @ Stud Rd - hopefully either or both of you are on here.

    One guy rode an old skool DR650 (and won :)); other guy was a learner on a GS500.

  2. You were seeing who could get to the speed limit fastest, right?
  3. Nah they were seeing who could get to the speed limit the safest

    Nothin to see here.... :-w
  4. Awesome thread.
  5. Edited for accuracy
  6. awesome!
    whens the next one on?,
    I"ll be there blow the lot of you away.

    i had a fun one sorta about 2 months ago.
    approached an intersection, lights red, cautiously of course.
    there were two comformodoores there revving each other, fully sick doof doofers, 'i just wanna be special' stickers etc
    so i just rolled up behind them, they did'nt know i was there.
    lights turn green and they took of as fast as there shit boxes could go, no clue i was behind them, just keeping pace.
    then i just warped speed it straight through the middle of them, like they were holding me up :)
    ... and then i was just a tiny dot in the distance :) :) :)
  7. On my Bonnie years ago,
    Sitting at the lights, A small bike was revving his motor and looking at me,
    Lights turned green, and away he went, screaming its tits off, I just sat there beside him with one hand on my leg keeping pace,
    He went through all his gears, flat out in top gear, I opened up the Bonnie and left him sitting there,
    I was still in first gear, and he knew it, Hahahahahahaha
  8. Even if you don't break the speed limit it's still an offense to participate in a "trial of speed" on public roads (used to be a separate offense, now it's part of the hoon act).

    Admitting to such an offense, and even going so far as to give the exact location and approximate time, is probably not the smartest thing to do on a public forum.
  9. Let he who has never particpated in a drag race cast the first stone :)

  10. [​IMG]
  11. LOL +1 to akaluke

    That is an ACTUAL photo from the traffic light cameras, corner FTG and Stud Rds ... taken approx 5.45pm last night.

  12. Just be sure not to tell the entire world where you were when you threw it, what it hit, and what sort of rock it was ;).
  13. Fair comment JD - noted :)

  14. Anyone who doesn't get to the speed limit as fast as they can is a traffic-impeding jizzrag, which should be punishable by deportation to Siberia
  15. I agree. The police don't.
  16. Shame that one has to give up rational thought to get salary from the government, isn't it?
  17. Ice racing anyone?


    It's very hard to instigate races these days... At least in the areas I commute in...
  18. This is why they're called public servants.
  19. Yeah they call them that, but not ONCE have I been pulled over to offer me a coffee, make me a sandwich etc...
  20. You don't get a good reaction when you tell them they're sacked without references either :D.