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Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by rat man407, Dec 5, 2014.

  1. So guys thinking of picking up a DR650 to replace my gs500
    atm i'm doing 600-800kms a week
    would the dr be able to do it and keep going or am I better off sticking to the car

    also what mods you think should be done i'm guessing bigger tank to start off with

  2. I would stick with the GS500. Good on fuel, about 20-24 km/lt. Big fuel tank at 20lts giving you 400km range. Light and narrow, which make riding in traffic easy. Cheap on tyres and easy to service. Easy to fit a gear sack.
  3. A klr would be better. I have owned both and the Kwaka is the better road bike.
  4. Sticking to the gs isn't really an option working on a dairy farm and need a trail bike for going around the paddock instead of hoping from my car to his shitty no brakes bike

    As for traffic I go to work at 4am and I'd be lucky to pass 3-4 trucks on the 50-75 km run to work

    And no clue how you are getting 400km to a tank I only get 250 untill I hit reserve but then again lot ok up and down hills where I am

    And never been a fan of the KLR to many computers I like a simple bike
  5. Klr is carbied.

    The Dr is a good bike though. A friend of mine rode his from Canada to Uruguay no issues and is going to ride it back shortly. He liked the size and power of my klr though.
  6. maybe it wasn't a KLR I was looking at or the dealer wasn't right but anyway the Kawasaki looked like a lot bigger and heavier bike

    I know i'm asking a lot of the dr but I want something I can ride to work 5 days a week then jump on and ride out to my hunting spots go hunting on them for 2 days then ride back and do it all again\

    and some of the tracks at work and hunting would be hairy enough on the dr650 let alone the big Kawasaki I was looking at
  7. Seat is a torture device until it wears in or you get used to it. I couldn't bare more than 100Km for a while.
    Stock setup, mine struggled to do over 100Kph, but would do 300 ~ 400 KM days no problem weekend rides no problem and be ready for the morning ride to work.

    Now has the GSXR exhaust mod, air box cut and rejeted to suit, cruises now at 110 with power to overtake and will do it all day - or at least half a day, fuel economy hasn't suffered much. Huge difference in weight as well, you will notice it.

    Mine bounced off the front of a car (old lady not paying attention going into a roundabout) abot 2/5 years ago, $300 of cosmetic damage and a buggered gear shift lever, AMP engine armor stopped the lever from going through the case
    Rest of the damage was scratched guards, blinker, ect, that I only got replaced because I wasn't the one paying, lever was the only part that needed replacing.

    Suspension can be a bit soft as well, probably not as bad as your 500 though. Plenty of options to fix that up though. You can lower the bike by flipping a collar on the rear shock and moving the spacers in the forks to under the springs. Could make the weight less of an issue if you don't need all of the suspension travel.

    Oh and the stock headlight is shit for anything other than around town, get some LED driving lights.
    I recon the bike would be up to the task, as long as you could deal with seat and other minor limitations.
  8. Ok if you are doing serious off road. You will either not get through on road tyres or have to run dirt tyres on the Dr so that you can get it through tracks but you will burn through tyres so quick that you will be better off just getting a 250 dirt bike as well instead.
  9. yeah only problem going with a dirt bike is getting it out to the hunting property it's around a 4 hour run just out there

    was thinking might have to run 2 sets of rims one with road tires and then another set of full knobs that I can throw on just for the hunting trips

    and the tracks aren't what I would call serious tracks but mostly just lose gravel and up the side of a hill
  10. Dr650 is a good choice then if that is your needs.

    Buy one now, I don't think they are going to be round for many more years.
  11. If I can get mine up and down the rock covered hills at a friends property near Burrendong Dam without face planting you should be fine. Good luck finding a spare set of wheels for sale, people are usually after the hubs to lace up supermoto rims.
  12. Think the road tires might be just straight ones and with only a few spacers and new bearings in the wheel gs500 fit and I happen to have a spare set but that's a while off yet
  13. The DR is a good machine with a few easily made refinements. The Acerbis 25ltr tank will give you a 450+ range in fuel - the rear sprocket changed to a 44T withthe front left as standard gives a smooth sweet ride without the 'chain lash'. Upbeat the rear spring from the standard 5lb to an 8ld and have someone do the front forks with springs and oil upgrade. The standard handlebars are like 'reinforced licorice' so get rid of them for some Renthall bars or similar (I like the twin tube Rental bars). Replace the grips with a softer type (helps get ride of the 'numb bum' syndrome that occurs in the forearms). Much of the rest is OK - standard carb is tweeked at a factory setting nicely on the lean side and apart from the weight of the standard exhaust it is AOK too. Get a screen - as you end up like the parachute riding without one. Barbusters are a good investment even if you don't go off the tar (can save the fingers big time) and consider dropping the peg height - there is a kit for it and it makes a little bit of a more comfortable sitting position. Have a crack at getting a Sit and Fly mesh from Israel (I think its made in Vietnam??) for about $35US, it fits over your seat and apart from lookin really snappy it makes a big difference to your rear end if you suffer from numb bum which most of us do. You can make that 70+ k's ride to work without dying to get off the beast cause the rear end is on fire. It is then a very sweet ride.
  14. DR 650. Does Everything. Costs nothing. Buy one.