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DR650 wont start

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Mr Bungle, Feb 5, 2007.

  1. Hey all,

    Went to start the DR650 on Sunday after about 2 weeks sitting idle in the garage. It doesn't usually like sitting without a ride after about a week, so knew I it could be harder to start than normal.

    After about 10 mins of trying with full choke, the battery started to die. So I thought no worries, I'll push it up the street and push start it. After a few attempts, it actually went to start but died straight away. So now the battery is too flat to start and I was too knackered to push it back up the hill in 32c temps to try push starting again!

    I tried putting the fuel tap on Prime as well and gave it a go but still nothing. (There was still a few litres of fuel in the tank as well so it wasn't out of fuel. )

    I'm assuming its the battery, so I was looking at getting a battery charger to rule that out of the equation. I saw one at DSE and Jaycar for $50. Would this one be ok to use? or have any other suggestions as to why it won't start?


    Cheers, MrB.
  2. That charger looks fine. I have an Optimate 3 I've heard nothing but good things and I haven't had any problems with bikes sat more than a month.


    It sounds as though it's just your battery. Other things such as fuel evaporating from your lines/carb may be contributing to it not starting straight up. maybe whack it on prime for a minute or so before you try to start it if sitting for a while.
  3. Thanks Cammo,

    I have turned it to Prime for about 20sec's in the past and it worked then, so thats why I assumed it was the battery

  4. Trickle charger (Battery tender) is what you want for the battery - not as quick as the normal car battery type charger, but you can leave it plugged in and extend the battery life of a dying battery.

    If you still can't get the DR started, check out here there are heaps of DR owners who know their bikes inside out
  5. Thanks Toecutter,

    Was going to post on ADVRider depending on how I went with the battery :beer:
  6. Do you have an older style "wet' type battery?

    These things don't like being left for more than a few days without charging. If you do the necessary time between charges gets shorter and shorter and eventually they are cactus. I've had a couple of these type of batteries last less then 12 months under these circumstances.

    When you do give up on it, replace it with a sealed type. They have more starting grunt for the capacity and they don't mind being left as much. Sometimes you can get the same rating battery, but smaller, depending on the model. Good things these batteries.

    Also, you may have actually given the bike too much fuel. Next time it doesn't fire within a couple of goes, turn off the choke, hold the throttle half open and hit the starter button. It should clear the excess fuel out, fire and rev it's tits off.
  7. I agree with ibast in that it sounds like it is flooded.

    Half to full throttle. Turn it over for a while until it clears and fires.

    Also, the old rule is air/fuel/spark. Make sure the spark plugs are clean, gapped and sparking, make sure the air is getting in. Make sure the fuel lines are not blocked.

  8. Thanks guys I'll give it a go when I get home tonight

  9. Charged the battery up on the weekend and she is running fine again :grin:
  10. Good stuff :grin: