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DR650 Urgent Help Needed!

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by QuarterWit, Feb 22, 2012.

  1. Hello everyone!

    Do you own a DR650? Are you going away in the car this weekend, staying at home, working or otherwise have no use for your bike for a few days?

    Well, you're the man/woman/shemale I'm after.

    I'm putting my front end back together for a ride up the snowys for a few days with MattB. Finally got the forks together and in the bike without any problems and then...

    ...Found out I was missing the front wheel spacer.

    So I'm slightly buggered. I'm leaving tomorrow morning so was wondering if anyone would let me pull their front wheel off tonight, steal a part, order a new one and then return it in a few days, with suitable amount of beer.

    If you, or anyone you know could help, please let me know!



    Dumpster-diving finally paid off.
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  3. Mate, you'd be welcome to mine but I doubt if Australia Post's fastest pigeon could get it back to me in time for work on Monday.

    Best of luck, though.

    On a more practical note, is it the outer spacer on the disc side or is it the one between the bearings? If it's the outer one, as far as I can see, you need a reasonable surface for the seal to run on and something of the correct length. If I was desperate to get mobile, what I might try is to get hold of an old bearing (or even a new one if desperate enough, they're not fantastically expensive) and carefully chop the outer race off it with an angle grinder or similar. Discarding the scrap outer, the balls and the cage will leave you with the inner race, an accurately square ended tube with a smooth surface and the right internal diameter. I'd butt this up against the bearing to form the inner bit of a multi part spacer. I'd make the outer bit out of a stack of big washers. Nothing fancy needed. Bunnings cheapest will do the job if they sell big enough ones. Hopefully you'll be able to make something up of a length close enough to allow the forks to work without sticking (best to take the springs out to check but if time is tight.......). If you do have to thin a washer to get the right total thickness, it isn't too hard to thin one down with a cheapo flat file. Using the biggest file you can makes it easier to keep the washer reasonably close to flat. Holding a flat object to file the face of it can be awkward. Sticking it to a flat surface with a big wad of Blu-Tac or even chewing gum is about the best I can think of if your facilities are limited. A more sophisticated technique is to glue it dwn to a piece of wood with 5 minute Araldite and, when you've finished, burn off the wood and the glue.

    With a makeshift spacer, I'd be keeping an eye on the tightness of the spindle and its clamps and possible grease leakage between the seal and the bearing race bit of the spacer but I'd be mobile.

    Like I said, best of luck :D.

    Edit: Good one, but couldn't you have said so before I typed half a page of shite :D?
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  4. Vertical C has one for sale
  5. Thanks Hornet!

    PatB - That's what I was thinking. Just getting a bunch of washers with the correct ID and getting someone to measure theirs and work off that.

    My flat is also a building site and the garage where I'm pulling the thing apart is also used by a bunch of builders. I went through one of the skips they have which only had a few things in it. Got covered in plaster/asbestos/building materials but woolah! I found it. I now look like a very happy hobo, smoking outside in the street, grinning from ear to ear and covered from head to toe in filth.

    And yeah, it was the spacer that sits on the disc side between the wheel and the hub.