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Dr650 speedo

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Stubbsy Slayer, Jun 14, 2011.

  1. g'day guys well today i bought the internals of the speedo cable and having never having tried this before i had a crack.

    When i finished it the way it came out it worked but would drop out when i accelerated then flick back and now i think its ceased operation again. I think i buggered the installation but im not sure?

    The squared end went into the wheel sensor and the other end i just pushed in back of speedo and screwed it up.
    I might have cut it abit short and the cable just slides around in cover??

    i got crimps for the cable but have no idea where they go.

    It was only $8 so i dont mind havin a few cracks at it.

    I also have downloaded a service manual which has nothing on the speedo cable. Wat a Rip!
    Its a 94 Dr650. If that helps.
  2. Mate next time avoid buying pre 96, they did a major revamp to the DR650 in 1996 and it hasn't changed much since, so it's much easier to find parts and aftermarket accessories for 96 and up DR650s.
    Sounds like you might not have the speedo cable in snug, make sure it is nice and tight on both ends.
    Since you bought a used cable it is probable that the cable is wearing out and will soon break.
    That or the internals of the speedo itself are buggered.