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DR650 rider from Melbourne says Hello to all

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Kernel, Apr 20, 2011.

  1. Hi everyone, my name is Nicholas Markovich, I prefer Nick in person, and Kernel on the forums. I have been riding for a little over a year now, my first bike was a Hyosung Rally (50cc scooter). Thing was SLOW. My second bike which I bought brand new was a Sachs Express. Thing was also pretty slow, but at least it would do the speed limit. My current bike, which I bought just last month, is my first good bike. It is a black 2010 DR650SE. It was used in the Grand Prix as a go around bike, picking up fallen riders and such. One day I will see if I can find a video of it being used in the Grand Prix.
    Anyway, that is me. Hi all.

  2. Welcome to NR.....enjoy your new ride....Stay safe mate.=D>
  3. Thanks very much camshaft.
  4. I have a white 09 dr. I saw the dr going around the track this year and wondered if that was always their pickup bike, but obviously different for all races.

    Welcome, you keeping it standard.
  5. Holy crapola, was this on TV or did you actually see it? I REALLY want to track down some footage of the MotoGP on TV featuring my bike.
    And no, I'm not keeping it standard. I'll be doing the airbox mod, gsxr1000 can, fcr-mx carby, intimators, ricor racing rear shock (I'll get them to make me one to my specifications), HID kit, better 50/50 tyres, bling adventure wheels and hubs ($$$), luggage, wind shield. I'll be ordering gel foam and new seat cover from Procycle, won't replace the original seat cover until it gets a blemish. Possibly steering dampener and LED driving lights. Oh, and an air horn.
    OOH, I knew I was forgetting something! Larger tank. But not that huge 30l safari tank, that thing's bloody ugly! I'll be getting the 4.9 gallon IMS tank.
  6. Sorry I meant that I saw it in real life.

    Didn't know that the GSXR can fitted on, hmm I have a SV1000 can lying around will see if it fits. Yeah I am tempted with the Safari tank as well, but that thing is huge and really overkill. Mine is standard at the moment, have to save some money to get some bling for it.
  7. Ah fair enough. Yeah, true. Sell the goldwing :p
  8. The wing is a hire bike that I rode across the USA, that's why I am on the wrong side of the road in the pic. I like to confuse people :)

    Only have the DR and an R1 here.
  9. Oh ok... well sell the R1 then, you don't need that much power :p
  10. That is one sharp looking bike you have there! I bet it handles like a real badboy. If I ever get into trail bikes, I might have to look at one of these. Enjoying it still?