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DR650 Consumables

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' at netrider.net.au started by PatB, Sep 25, 2012.

  1. Just stuck a new Pirelli Scorpion Trail on the back of the DR. The old one had done over 20,000 km and was still just about legal and not too badly squared off after a year of commuting. It was tramlining a bit though, which it didn't when new. Contrast that with the OEM Trailwing which was near bald and completely square at 12,000 and tramlined like a bastard for most of its life. Once the Scorp was scrubbed in I never had any grip issues either. I spun it up once, well cranked over on a greasy surface. It was completely gentlemanly about it though, and came back into line nicely. Otherwise, no problems.

    So, for bitumen use, I think I've found my ideal tyre. Front (fitted at the same time) will need replacing shortly. I'd have done both at the same time but I'm short of cash right now.

    Changed the chain and sprockets while the wheel was out. After 58,000 km the rear sprocket was just starting to show signs of wear and the chain, though not showing much extension, was fairly rough and graunchy. The front sprocket was visibly hooked after 7,000 km, having been fitted as a stop gap measure when the 'orrible noises from the hooked OEM unit became too much to ignore. During that 58,000 km, the chain has received no maintenance apart from the Scottoiler and a tension adjustment whenever the wheel needed to come out (3 tyre changes and 2 punctures) so I'm pretty happy. Looking at other DRs, most owners seem to fit a new C & S at ~35,000.

    I've gone with a 520 chain with a 16T front sprocket (OEM is 525 and 15T) and, based on my ride to work this morning, the bike feels noticeably longer legged, without losing much off the line. We'll have to wait and see what happens to fuel economy and chain life. The whole bike feels much smoother now, and the gearchange is back to Suzuki's typical light switch action. Because chains degrade gradually, you don't notice the steady decrease in refinement until replacemetn time comes around.

    Chain is currently fitted with a clip link. I'm sure I ordered an additional rivet link. Indeed I'm sure I saw one when I opened the parcel three months ago. Buggered if I can find it now, though. Ah well, I've always claimed that 90% of problems with clip links is a lack of understanding of just how much fiddling can be required to get the clip seated properly so I regard it as an opportunity to put my money where my mouth is :D. Clip is definitely fully seated and will now form part of pre-flight, at least until the rivetty job turns up.

    Oh yeah, OEM rear brake pads are still not down to the wear indicators. Front Vesrahs are now getting a little thin at the edge after ~40,000 km. They do look like they have a bit of a taper though so I might have a sticky piston. I'll be laying a seal kit and a braided hose into stock in anticipation of a freshen up in the next few months.
  2. Hi Pat,

    you have done really well regarding the distances you get out of all the consumables on your DR.... (y)

    I have around 40000km on my DR650, with around 70% on dirt.
    I'd be lucky to get 5000km out of a rear (worst ever was 1400km on a 'Kings tire') generally I use D606 (Knobby) or E07 (50/50 tyre) , and have always used a Pirelli MT21 on the Front, which I get around 7000 - 9000km out of.

    I change my chain around 12000km, but sand/desert riding will do nothing to help the life of the chain.

    I have had the 15/44 sprocket set up for the last 20000km which I have found ideal. I have also done the 520 chain conversion, but have found I chew through sprocket a lot faster, so when I use up my spare sprockets, I'll be going back to the 525 set up. Although, Vince Strang (VSM) suggested I run a 525 chain with 525 C/S sprocket, but use a 520 rear sprocket to assist in clearing sand/mud from the chain; therefore reducing wear.

    I also change oil/filter at between 3000km - 5000km; depends where I am at the time.

    Fuel; is another consumable that I seem to chew through, not sure how to reduce this... but any suggestions would be appreciated.... :rofl:

    Cheers, good to see someone else with a DR.
  3. Me too. Book says 6,000 but I grew up on old 70s Jap bikes so there's no way I'd contemplate that. Filters are costing me about $5 a pop, the thing only holds a smidge over 2l of oil and changing the two are a leisurely 10 minute job so why skimp?

    A couple of years back, when my daily commute grew to a ridiculous distance I made a major effort to ride economically, mainly to avoid having to fill the eggcup sized tank every day. Shortshifting, gentle acceleration and, gasp, obeying the speed limit got me 3.8l/100 km which I was fairly pleased with. Current daily commute which is about half open highway and half some fairly assertive splitting/filtering action with no effort to economise has been netting a pretty consistent 4.6-4.7 l/100 km. I'll know by tomorrow night whether the taller gearing has made a significant distance. But again, that's bitumen use on road tyres.

    I do, however, think that the contrast between our uses of the same bike is a pretty good illustration of what an effective Jack of All Trades Suzuki came up with when they launched the DR. There's a couple of other NRs with DRs and they seem pretty happy too.