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DR250S - engine noise - please help!!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by shvercer, Mar 19, 2008.

  1. Hi there,

    I have recently purchased a suzuki DR250S, 1991 model. I know, it is an old bike but I thought it was good.
    It is road registered, which save the hassle of getting unregoed bike blue slipped, etc.

    Anyway, I did a bit of the service on this bike - changed sprocket, chain, clutch cable, spark plug, oil and oil filter.

    The bike was running fine before I serviced it, i.e. first kick start, no engine noice, simply a beauty!

    The oil that was in the bike was more like wax - very black, very dense!
    Once I replaced oil and filter, put new oil in it (15/50 i chose because the bike is old and thought needs heavier oil. Recommended is 10/40). So once I put new oil, started the bike (again first kick), there was massive rattling noise coming out of the engine. Massive!
    This noise was definitely not there before I changed oil/filter????

    Any particlar reason(s) for this??
    Have I done something wrong??

    I put recommended 1700 ml of oil? Is this too much?? Not enough??

    Or is it possible that the old, black, thick oil, was preventing the rattle???

    Any help, ideas, suggestion, PLEASE!!!!!! :(
  2. I hate to sound pessimistic and cynical, but you may have been had.

    I'd expect old oil from an air cooled engine to be black but thin and watery in texture, as the viscosity of multigrades tends to decrease with age.

    If the oil that came out was thick and the engine is now rattling, the previous owner might have disguised a sick engine by filling it with something really viscous or adding one of the magic goops available from Supercrap and the like, which work in much the same way. It's an old trick.
  3. Its true...sand and orange peel in car diffs and transmissions is not uncommon...maybe same can happen to bikes :shock:
  4. :(

    thanks guys.

    this is what happens when you trust people too much :(

    anyway, i'll fix it, not a problem at all. The thing is, I was gonna go to Stockton beach over the coming long weekend and with engine rattling like that, I doubt :(

    The bike does not blow any smoke and still has quite good compression, though. (if that matters at all).

    What are other signs of cam chain issues besides rattling noise??
  5. "Thump Thmp Thump" or "RattleRattleRattleRattle"?

    Difference between a gone big end and a gone chain. Can you describe the sound?
  6. It might be something as simple as a rattly clutch basket. Get someone in the know to have a listen.
  7. the noise is definitely in the top part of the engine....

    it is hard to describe the noise.

    i will try to get someone who knows the bikes to have a listen.

    the thing is, if i take it to a mechanic, they will find a thousand faults on it just to charge me more money...

    at the end of the day, even if i have to change the cam chain, its only $200-$250.
  8. another question is, is it OK if i ride the bike on Stockton before I fix this??

    Sand dunes will require high revving and engine will be pretty much under high pressure most of the 2 days there...and 2nd-3rd gear most of the time??
  9. Gees....

    I was thinking....

    I paid the bike $1500

    New sprockets, chain, oil, filter, plug $250

    Reconditioned rear shock $220

    Cam chain $250

    New battery $50

    New set of knobbies $200

    Totals to $2500!!!!! :shock:

    What a rip off!!!

    And when I decide to sell, I will be lucky to get $1500! :oops:
  10. im pretty sure theres another section for this.........................

  11. Check to see if it possible to fit the oil filter around the wrong way
  12. I was also told this by a mechanic at Metropolital Spares. He also tought that I may have inserted oil filted the other way around. However, I check this yesterday, and filter can only go one way in. If I try wrong way, I cannot put the cover back on. Apparently, if the pressure cannot be generated, it will produce noise.

    As for the noise description, it is more like ticking noise, rather than rattling or thumping...

    BUT, I found an interesting thing. The oil that came out when I was checking filter position (probably around 50 ml) resulted in slightly lesser noise. :roll:

    So, I was wondering, could I possibly have put more oil in the engine?? I have put about 1800 ml. As per specs, 1700 ml is required without filter and a little more when filter changed.

    I will try this arvo to drain another 100-200 ml just to check how it will behave after that......
  13. Playing a dangerous game.... :bolt:

    Does the bike have a sight glass or a dipstick? it is possible to overfill, and then you get noise as the pistons (And other associated reciprocating parts) "slap" the surface of the oil, but if the oil level is correct in the sightglass or dippie (With the bike vertical), then the oil isn't the problem. (But still wouldn't cause a top end noise.)

    Unless it's the tapettes slapping the surface of the oil.... :p
  14. I'd be worried if my bike stopped rattling...

    Just to check a very silly possibility... did you position the oil filter correctly? Mine has a habit of dropping out of place as you bolt the cover up... this would definately cause a noisy rattle.