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DR-Z400SM Accessories

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Sooty, Aug 29, 2009.

  1. Seriously looking at getting a Suzuki DR-Z400SM. I'm after peoples experiences and suggestions on what bits to throw on it. Much appreciated.

    1. Fuel tank
    I'm going to be using this thing for longer rides and commuting and I'm currently liking my current 380 - 400km range. So what are the best fuel tank upgrades? I'm looking at the Safari 17ltr - that should last me a week before refueling.

    2. Wind protection
    What's good for screens? I use a Eagle Screens touring screen atm and I like the quality, so I'll probably go for something similar, maybe a smaller one tho.

    3. Luggage
    I already have ventura luggage, so I'll probably get a ventura rack. Anything special I should know about?

    4. Wheels
    I like the idea of being able to change between road/off-road wheels when needed. Should I just look at getting a 2nd hand set from a 400E or is it better I get some nifty aftermarket ones?
  2. With the wind - it really doesn't take much to get used to it.
    Save money on a screen and buy beer
  3. If when you say 'longer rides' you mean anything reasonably far, you may need to look into a new seat before any other those 4.
  4. As much as I love netrider, www.advrider.com would probably be your best bet.
  5. Cool. Ta for the replies.

    I'm now thinking about going for a 400E and 'tardify it :p

    Main reason is the yanks (who apparently can't road register the 400E) rkn the Keihin FCR 39 flatside carbie is the ducks nuts - the S and SM don't come with it. So the consensus is that if you can rego a 400E, then go that way.

    Ah, yes the seat is definitely on the list - and probably sooner than later as suggested. Probably a Corbin, I know they're about $590AUD+$50 freight for a DR650, from VPW Australia.

    I'll have a look at advrider, they pop up in searches often.

    I want to end up with something like Kevin Schwantz:


    Those twin yoshi pipes look awesome (full system $1600AUD).
  6. Yeah, I think the S has a different head as well.

    But doesn't have the good suspension, which I'd take over a couple of horses any day of the week.

    Twin pipe looks absolutely beautiful... but that's a bit of dough for the bike! With the seat, there might be some local guys that can fix you up with an aftermarket one?
  7. Not sure but apparently its easier/cheaper to throw on better shocks than to fiddle with the carbies/engine. That's if you want to do the engine otherwise as you say the shocks are the better option.

    Mate of mine is also getting one and he's looking to do the same, I might go the SM route instead for comparisons :p

    But I know what you mean by expensive for the bike, for a RRP of around $8k then throw in that exhaust + shockies + wheels/tyres - end up with more than half the cost of the bike in addons.
  8. Thumpertalk is the main DR-Z forum on the net, everything you will ever need to ask has already been asked there.


    SM vs E is a tough choice. I went the SM for the better suspension and different swing arm.

    E has cams, FCR and base gasket and slightly different exhaust.
    The Cams aren't crazily bigger and will need to be upgraded for power anyway, the FCR will cost about $800 for a kit, base gasket is only like 1 hp and the exhaust needs changing anyway.

    The E subframe isn't as strong as the S and SM either. If your looking at touring that might be something to think about.