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DR-Z 400SM - height? longevity past 20,000+ks?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by RuKu, Sep 5, 2012.

  1. Hi all,

    I am over my CB250, at less than half the power of a decent LAMS restricted bike.

    Happily, I've been given the okay to sell it and get a more suitable LAMS bike for the next nine months to a year. Afterwards I may upgrade to a wee-strom or something.

    I am looking at the Suzuki DR-Z400SM motard for this interval. I live in the hills, so there are lots of fun to be had nearby. I don't need to commute. I don't really like sportsbikes. I'm open to suggestions for other bikes.


    1. I am 5'7 with a 30" inseam. That puts me on tiptoes, or at least the balls of my feet. The bike is light, and I am physically pretty strong. Do you think I'd be able to handle it?

    2. The budget is pretty low. Probably in the 5k-6k range. that means I might have to go for a well used machine. If I buy a motard which has done over 20,000k or even 30,000k, how likely is it that I will get a lemon?

    Of course I searched and read quite a few threads first.

  2. THink lifetime should be around 80000kms. So no more chance of a lemon than any other bike.

    If you want a weestrom next which I am pretty sure is taller, i would get used to it now on a lighter bike.
  3. In that sort of price range you should be able to pick one up with less than 15,000km, there pretty bulletproof but after 25,000k it would want to be a bargain or I'd stay away (personal opinion)

    Seen this one?

    Test one and see if you feel comfortable with the height. You can always lower it if you don't or learn to deal with it, especially if its a fun bike.
  4. here is a good drz for sale in the bikes for sale forum of this web site

    DO it - my best friends are all motarded
  5. Surely a thumper needs rebuilding well before 20k?
  6. Its not that powerful, a wr450 maybe, but a drz are lower tolerances.
  7. Ah ok. So stands to reason why they get called tractors...nothin' but slappers...
  8. Hi all. Thanks for the feedback. It is hard to get a test ride of one. I'll probably spend time at some dealers this weekend to at least find and sit on one and maybe even test drive. After that I'll put my bike up for sale and dig at the private market. I've already eyeballed all the websites.

    The drz400s is hopelessly tall for me, but the sm is about 6cm shorter (stock) according to cycle-ergo.com , which is a huge difference.