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DR Build-UP and Invite to Ride 2015

Discussion in 'Adventure/Enduro' started by Greg Owen, Dec 5, 2014.

  1. Sherman here,

    I have finally gotten around to a build-up on my DR650. A couple of dealers recommended having a chat with Vince Strang from VSMotors in Inverell and after a couple of emails had Vince and his team do a make-over. Guided by his wisdom, as Vince has been building DR's since year 1 AD I believe, I trailored the bike to Inverell for his crew to work on it. VSM took into account, my weight, and weight of gear to carry and my height and worked out what alterations were necessary to do a long trip. He is still actively involved in adventure riding, pretty good for a bloke in his 60's. Mods include: 25ltr Acerbis Tank, Renthal twin tube bars, Softer grips, Pivot pegs and lowered peg brackets, a 44T rear sprocket (standard on front) rear spring to 8lb (rear shock standard) and respring front forks and oil, pannier racks and Wolfman bags, bash plate; I've left the exhaust standard and carb jetting standard. I believe they are jetted lean enough. Some of the dealers I have spoken to say that the 44t rear sprocket and standard front will not work, BUT, it does. There is no chain 'lash' and top end is not affected at all. It is a smooth sweet ride. His crew are great to deal with as is Vince himself and his no nonsense advice is good advice. (One downside (my opinion only) is that the 25ltr tank has a certain amount of rapid vibration L to R when travellimng at speed. I have taken the tank off on Vince Strangs advice, to check the buffer rubbers but all seems OK. Apparently there is a certain amount of vibration in the tank, but his concern was the top buffer rubber failed. I think that the flaring of the tank of the front flanges on it are not aerodynamically sound and the air flow causes it to wobble; only slight but enough. Acts like a parachute. I don't think its' a fault, just an annoying issue, for me anyway; I like things sound. It appears as sound as it can be so I have a better peace of mind about it).

    I'm happy with the Wolfman soft side bags, however, I think they are a bit too small. They could be a little deeper; we pay enough money for them. I have enough baggage to strap to the top frame. Other stuff to come is Rotapax water containers for each side of the frame and a PLB to carry with me, along with a sat phone. I have been working on two tank bags that fit over the large flanges of the tank - it is a bit of a wasted space that can be filled with a couple of day bags (as I call them) or use as food bags. They will be linked to each other across the tank and under the top end of the seat using Sea to Summit belts and attached to the frame either side using the same type of adjustable belt. They carry quite a bit of stuff. I have adapted 2 travellers' shoe bags from Katmandu stock using 50mm seatbelt type webbing to secure to tank flange and the other belts seem to keep them sturdily secured). Tyres are yet to be decided on. I'm just scooting about on the standard Trailwings at present. I'm looking at the D606's but, Kuhmo have an interesting one out (can't think of the model code no.) that is a bit softer than the 606 but better rubbered; it has an extra intermediate tread block between main and side tread that 'may' eliminate that rear tyre slip feeling you get with some of the nobbies on soft gravel (cost more though).

    So things are progressing OK with the DR - I am heading off in April-May of 2015 to ride from Boulia QLD to Halls CK in WA via the Donohue, Plenty Hwys and Tanami Track. I have been partially on these roads, except the Donohue, and they are the typical formed desert roads - they may or may not be churned up or open for that matter as it is after the wet season.

    So if anyone is interested in travelling with me let me know - the plan is flexible but travel on the three rds mentioned I wish to stick to.