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DR 650se

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by jimmym, Mar 30, 2010.

  1. So last weekend i picked up a 2009 Suzuki DR650se with 11k kms.

    Plans for it are exhaust, dynojet kit and opening up the airbox a bit.

    It goes alright as is (can only wheelie in 1st though :cry:) but im hoping the mods will make it a bit better.

    Ironically, I waited to get my fulls to upgrade... and got another LAMS bike haha. All in all, a fun bike :LOL:



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  2. cool bike! :) how do you find the stock suspension?

    here is a link to a bit of fun for a couple English chicks on DR's if you haven't seen it..... pictures start a little way down the page.....
  3. I'll have to read that, looks good. thanks. Have you seen ADVrider? has loads of rides on Dr650's.

    The suspension is very soft (scared me once or twice when you hit the front brake hard). But i don't think its an issue...
  4. yep, great forums.... another worthy of a look is ThumperTalk tend to go there more often than ADV but sometimes its the other way round.... heaps of mods detailed on thumper and a few aussies there too....

  5. nice one, ive had a look at em for when i have enough cash to get another bike.

    enjoy :)
  6. Nice bike! Mine used to be that clean...

    Same thing happened to me!