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Dozy old bugger

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by ngalbrai, Dec 3, 2011.

  1. Sitting stationary at traffic lights today and some dozy old sod rear ends me. Very annoyed, sent me off the bike and bike itself into car in front. As far as I can tell only scratches to the exhaust, thank god for oggy knobs. But, still, rear ended in broad daylight on a not very busy road FFS! I am such a careful rider yet there are so many drivers out there fast asleep at the wheel. I am ok, no bruises or anything, but still very annoyed. Will get the bike properly checked as a fair old wallop from behind and the front as it smacked into the car in front too. Checked it over and rode home carefully. Wont discourage me from riding, love it too much.

  2. glad your ok

    make sure the bike is checked out thoroughly as it may have bent frame and forks
  3. make sure the dopey old **** pays through the nose for your bike to go on a frame jig.
    plus replace all the bearings (wheels, swingarm, steering) and get your forks rebuilt too
    hopefully getting bend over without even spit for lube will ensure he pulls his head outta his ass before he turns the key again
  4. Glad you're okay.

    Also check out your neck for whiplash - you may not feel it now but weeks from now...

    I was rear ended (read: tapped) whislt stopped in traffic in a queue of cars. The van behind, which had been stationary as we all were, for a good minute, rolled forward as it was downhill and the driver for some reason raised his foot off the brake.

    I was 'tapped'. No damage to the bike.

    But about 2 weeks later the back of my neck started getting painful, leading to constant headaches. Had to go to physio.

    So yeah, go get it checked out friend, even only for a piece of mind.
  5. ^ +1.

    Also it pays to go to the doctor (if you have a bulk billing doc,) just in case, that way it's recorded evidence that you did something and may be able to claim ....
  6. Glad you seem OK, and admire your calm demeanour. Also echo the advice to have bike and back checked...
    Couple questions for you:

    1. Could you have split lanes there if you wanted? Or are you not a splitter?
    2. Did you see him coming in your mirrors?
  7. As per the advice on here bike was fully checked and $3500 worth of superficial damage has been approved by the insurer to get it back to its previous as new condition. Its still rideable at the moment.

    Among the damage was the exhaust which I am getting replaced with a staintune that actually costs less than the standard Honda part. Also got a new helmet. Also went and got myself checked out by Doc and no further issues with neck or back, was a little stiff for a few days afterwards but otherwise fine, but good point made here about there being a record should any related issues develop.

    So all in a good result.

    Kudos to the guys at Action bikes in the city, they were really supportive, and helpful, first motorbike insurance claim here in Auz, they ran me through what needed to be done and answered lots of further questions, good service there.

    In terms of the incident itself, no, didn't see the guy coming, lesson learnt for me, watch mirrors now when stationary and always looking for an exit. I do sometimes split but hadn't in this instance. Also leave a lot more room between me and car in front to give myself a chance of getting away. Being in the ready position and watching mirrors when stationary is something that's stressed in L's and P's, something that this was a harsh reminder of, a reminder of the utter witlessness of many drivers out there. At the time I was furious but the old bloke that hit me was badly shaken and nearly in tears so my rage quickly evaporated.

    Also had a chat with the police about when one should call them, I really wasn't sure at the time, criteria are:
    - If anyone is hurt
    - If anyone appears to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs
    - If damage to any vehicle prevents it being moved from the road

    Is there a "what to do after an accident" sticky on here? Will have a look and write one if not.
  8. Forgot one re the police:
    - If anyone fails to leave their details

    I got stung by that as a driver, touched the car behind when doing a tight park, set the alarm off, got out to check - no damage, got back in to move car and park elsewhere and come back and leave note (honest!). Owner came running out, big bloke, scary looking, yelling and screaming about how he was going to "smash my f*cking face in etc". With his threats I got out of there knowing no damage had been done. He got my rego and called the police, got 3 points and a fine. Had I called it in and left a statement that I left the scene as threatened he wouldn't have had a leg to stand on. Police were very understanding but said they had no choice as leaving scene of accident is serious offence and that I should have reported it. Fair enough. Another lesson learnt! [facepalm...]
  9. Thats unacceptable,that makes me furious,been happening too often
    hope you came out of it okay,that would have absolutely been frightening experience,all i can suggest is whatch your mirrors more when stationary so retarts like that dont hit you again,cheers.