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Downsizing to a scooter...VS125 or FLY125

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by Tree-hugga, Jun 12, 2008.

  1. I'm looking at downsizing from my current Suzuki SV650s to a scooter and was hoping to get some ideas from longer term owners of a Bolwell VS125 or Piaggio Fly125.

    Both have received pretty good reviews but I wanted to get an idea of quality of finish a few months down the track and how they have bedded in.

    Do you have any major issues with either?

  2. Ive taken the vs125 for a test ride, build quality seemed good, but it lacked acceleration (however there was 0km on the clock).

    Im going to try the fly 125 soon.

    Im keen to hear other peeps opinion too :)
  3. Partner owns a VS125, I utubed a vid when it was new going 0-80 uphill and down.

    They are awesome, Geared very well with lots of torque.. maintains 80 easily and has no trouble hitting 90+ on the bypass

    Things I noticed.. (the bad)
    If very wet, the highbeem switch doesnot work though the dash light indicates it is on..
    Seat doesnot POP open and so you always need two hands, this means you have to put down what ever your holding.
    Boot fits only smaller helmets, doesnot fit my Rjays helemt because of vents at the top.
    When you first get it, the riding position feels as though you are falling forward...either the seat contours to your curves or you get use to it.. it becomes a very comfortable ride.
    Suspension is bouncy for the forst 300k's
    Breaks are soft... but dont ask them to adjust it! I did and I had to sqeeze the break in to start it for my partner.
    Worse thing
    Petrol cap! its almost a horizontal intake and always dowses the all the bike in petrol... totally a design flaw. We now just fill it with $4 rather then risk overflow.
    Things I noticed...(the great)
    Smashes my cbr125r off the line and power on at speed..
    huge boot
    Gets very comfortable
    sounds great

    all in all the build quality is average, the steering arm rubs against the frame, the foot matt pops out etc but these are minor things when you take ownership of such an aweesome little scoota!

    Totally recommended, you will not be dissapointed!
    PS I'm 90Kg
    Fat wheels with huge rolling diameter, I have had big lean in's at speed! fun
  4. Thanks for the detailed reply Drewzor.

    After posting here, i checked out a few of the other scooter forums and general consensus is the build quality of the piaggio is a little higher than the bolwell.

    I guess there is only one way to really decide between the two...so it'll be down to the test ride.
  5. I've had my VS125 and love it. I had a similar choice when I was looking around...the VS or the Fly. In the end, it was the ride, underseat storage and 4 year warranty that won out. The Fly that I rode had 10km on it so still felt tight, but the VS just had that extra something...the Fly was good, refined feel (it should, having the same mechanics as the Vespa, just Chinese manufactured).

    Just a couple of points....my high beam works perfectly, even in the recent deluges that we've had in Sydney. The mat did come off a few times in the first few weeks, but you soon get the hang of getting on and off without doing it. The petrol cap....can't complain. I park the scooter so I can see the petrol level - not hard to do, as long as you don't expect to turn the nozzle full bore and expect it to click off like a car. It was actually one of the other things I liked - the cap is not under the seat so there's no chance of getting petrol in the storage area.

    Brakes are good, specially the larger front disc. Rear drum is a little soft.

    One dislike I had is that there's no clock so it's hard to tell time. I now have an old digital watch around the mirror....I had a small digital clock on velcro, but it came off in one of the deluges....waste of $10.

    The sea compartment is huge compared to other scooters in its class...but it doesn't fit my Nolan N102 unfortunately.

    It accelerates to 80km easily and I can maintain 70-80kph going uphill easily. Then again I'm lightweight.....57kg.

    All in all, I'm very happy with the VS. It's my first scooter and I'm a first time rider so I can't really compare it to anything else. Good luck with the test rides.
  6. tree hugger the Piaggio is assembled in china to save on labor costs and transport but effectivly built in italy. the running gear is the same as the Vespa so a good base for reliability. if you want pm me and i'll let you know were i am so you can have a detailed look
  7. How about the yamaha cygnus? Currently there is a run out on the 07 models at 3 grand + ORC which is the same price as the Bowell. I've seen both and the build quality on the yamaha is as you'd expect, better.

    Or wait untill all the 07 models are gone and buy the 08 which will have fuel injection for $4,200 on road. Well worth the extra mulla imho.

    The only other 125cc worth considering is the bug agility. But for the price the bowell beats it hands down so only consider if you get a good deal. Other wise the bug is a good scoot only lacking carry space/glovebox compared to the other scoots.
  8. I have a Piaggio Fly, 5400km; so far so good. Easily reaches 80km/hr. Under seat storage holds my full-face helmet, has a digital clock on the board, nice front brakes, smooth engine... Can you tell that i am loving it? :)
  9. Hey Audible,
    What are you riding these days? Still the 50?
  10. FYI. The piaggio is built in china. The SYM is built in tiwan and yes Tiwan is the new japan :LOL: