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Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Noel, Nov 16, 2004.

  1. Does everyone down shift or keep in the right gear for that speed range when braking.
    Learner cage drivers are supposed to down shift these days - they can even loose points on their steelmobile-P's test for not doing so.
    anyway, downshifting???, if you should downshift every time you slow down, do YOU brake- and rev the throttle at the same time or just burn the clutch?

  2. Just finished reading "a twist of the wrist" and it was stated in the book not to use ur gears to slow down . Thats what ur brakes are for . I down shift when i brake but not to slow the bike down but have it in the right gear .. But i guess its just a personal choice what u prefer to do .
  3. I down-shift.. I didnt know it was possible to do anything else on a bike :p and yes I blip the throttle when down-shifting
  4. I tend to slow down quite a bit before I shift down, that way I know I won't shift to a gear that's too low for the speed I'm traveling and cause the bike to jolt/skid.
    I guess the idea behind downshifting when slowing to a stop is that if you have to dart out of the way of something you know that you'll be able to deliver power to the back when rather than trying to speed up from 10km/h in 5th gear and just causing the bike to rev?
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  7. Hi Folks, I'm new to the forums, but I like what I see. Been riding for several years now, returning after the usual wife, kids, mortgage issues. I've always downshifted when braking. Can someone please explain to me what "blip" is? I might just be doing that too, for all I know!
  8. Hi leftleg!! Welcome aboard!

    Sorry, I can't help you with the 'blip' thing....someone's using even stranger language than mine!

    :D :D :D
  9. hi leftleg if i'm wrong i know i will be corrected but from my experience an knowledge(dont laugh) a 'blip' is a very quick tweek of the throttle
  10. Blip is a twist of the wrist when you pull the clutch in to change down a gear so that the engine revs.

    I think it's so that you can listen to your pipe sound and look/sound really cool to the 'audience' around you. Most noticeably done on Harley's IMHO

    The other line of thinking is that it increases engine speed so that when you shift into the lower gear, you don't get rear wheel compression lockup.

    I think that the latter line of thinking means that your downshifting too early and need to adjust your riding technique.
  11. i down shift everytime i drop gears because when i was learning many years ago i locked up the rear wheel on my then virago.its a good abit to get into and its better for the engine.
    i even do it when im rideing in the bush with mt xr400
  12. In my not so humble opinion I think I already sound and look cool! I've never had problems with rear wheel lock up when down shifting so I guess I'm doing it right. If santa is good to me I might get an advanced rider training course for Christmas. But I guess I would have to have been good too?

    Great site, great forums.
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  14. Or your used to riding older bikes and use the gearbox to help braking
    rather than relying on the brake levers :)
  15. Welcome to the forum leftleg! Is there a story behind your name?
  16. I use both brakes and downshifting to help my braking. Cause I ride a twin, I used to find that I fishtailed (fun though) when compression was too much until I learned to give a bit of a blip to prevent it happening.
  17. Hey guys...interesting discussion. Good job on describing the 'blip' you've basically got the understanding of it. Just thought I'd let you know that we're investing in a stationary similuator that Keith Code has developed to train this exact thing, called the Control Trainer. With any luck we'll have it sometime early in the new year.

    To check it out follow the link http://www.superbikeschool.com/machinery/control-trainer.php

  18. I do that too, but have no need/requirement to 'blip' the revs when I do it.
  19. I think "blip" is one of those words that sounds like the thing it's describing.(it's a sounding word that is sound/good)
  20. Yep I guess I'm used to riding older bikes ... I still "blip" the throttle on a downchange 97% of the time. Yep I like the sound of it ... and yep in my own liddle mind methinks it "smooothes" things out.

    Mind you I haven't ridden anything later than a 1987 model bike. I s'pose it's just "habit" having learned to drive in the days of cars with no "synchro" on 1st gear etc and learning to drive a truck with a "crashbox" (non synchromesh gearbox).

    The first road bike I bought in 1974, the day I got my "L's", (L-plates at 17years & 9 months in those days), was ridden home from Nielson Honda in Ferntree Gully up to Sassafras following a road grader scraping the snow off the road. There was snow/ice on the ground/road for the first 3 days of my new riding experience!!! The first trip down off the hills on the way to work the morning after picking up my new bike was definitely a "learning experience". Very quickly had to learn what "smooth riding" was all about!!!

    I guess it's a case of each to his or her own regarding "throttle blipping" these days, but I remember times when I was glad I "did the blip" which helped get me home when a clutch cable broke etc. It's easy to go "up the gears" without the clutch but not so easy to get back down the gears with no clutch without "throttle blipping".

    Had a situation today where I had a throttle cable break about 10 mins from home (bugga), but was able to get the bike home by running a little bit of choke (just enough to get the revs a bit above idle) and putted along at the side of the road till I got me and the bike home. Call it "experience" or whatever, I ain't pushin' no 1000cc bike further than 2 feet er sorry I mean um 609.6mm (and yes I still "pull the ton" rather than say I did 160kph!!!)

    I guess in the modern age of mobile phones etc life is so much easier, doesn't matter where ya are ya just ring for help... gotta love modern times hahaha ...

    There, I guess that's my bit for a while now ... I'll juss shuddup and go back to lurking hehehe