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Featured Downshifting when approaching a corner

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by BDL999, Apr 28, 2015.

  1. G'day all,

    I'm a new rider and I'm having regular problems with my gear selection on a corner.

    I have a Road I regularly ride which is 90km then comes to a T intersection with a giveaway sign, I'm cruising along at 90km in 6th gear then as approaching the end I down shift to 5th and 4th whilst braking , and slow down ready to either stop completely or take the corner slowly if clear of traffic. I'm fine when coming to a complete stop however when slowing and continuing turning I'm having trouble selecting 2nd gear. I'm coming out of the corner in too high a gear and engine is shuttering and close to stalling , I'm finding whilst attempting to down shift the correct gear is not engaging.

    It's a new bike so I'm sure I'm the problem.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks for your time.
  2. Might be that you are not letting the gear lever come back up when you are downshifting. Try lifting your foot off the lever between shifts.
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  3. While you're getting the hang of things take the slowing down a bit longer. Instead of using the brakes, downshift through each gear and practice your throttle blipping. Once you've mastered this then go into double and triple drops with the brake.
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  4. Are you trying to shift from 4th to 2nd without releasing the clutch?
  5. Thinking about it Pompy that's probably what I'm doing.

    Thanks for the reply's
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  6. I had the same issue and managed to find a sort of "neutral" when downshifting and even took the bike back to Bikebiz with it as someone else said they had a ninj with the same issue (don't start) .
    Not a single issue since I got my rizzos on her, but maybe, god forbid, my clutch use has improved. I reckon I wasn't engaging the clutch fully. Used to scare the crap out of me when going at a fair clip to go to downshift, find no gear and a panic tap dance to get a gear and one helluva clunk when it went into gear...
  7. I'm just getting the hang of blipping the throttle and its working well for me, but what's double and triple dropping smileedudesmileedude ? My clutch hand is working way too hard as I have a very small hand and have to really 'reach' for the lever.
  8. BDL999BDL999 where are you based? There's a few volunteer mentors on this site - reckon you might get some good pointers/value from some one on one help. Search for the mentors thread.
  9. Clutch in pop down two or three gears, use the brake to do most of the slowing. You will find when you start doing this you might select the gear too low for the speed, then lose traction on the rear or get completely lost of where you are in the gear and coast along with the clutch scared to release.
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  10. Get shorty adjustable levers...made such a difference to my clutch hand!!!
  11. Why? Please tell me you guys aren't under the impression you must release the clutch on every down change?
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  12. smileedudesmileedude Done that already..have a spot on the tank where I smacked my helmet when I hit 2nd instead of third..:(
  13. Afraid so RRdevilRRdevil but you don't know what you don't know. Sounds like I've been babying my clutch then. I'm going to give this a go tomorrow! Although I may have accidentally done it on a few occasions.

    OldmaidOldmaid, I've decided not to get shorties. I've done a bit of research and there seems to be a few issues with them.
  14. Gearbox in a bike is not like the gearbox in a car. And yes treat them hard. They can take it
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  15. This is true. Used to commute on an XT500 with no clutch from time to time (cable kept snapping). Whilst not fun, it's manageable (just) with pulling off in 2nd to prevent mono's the biggest issue. Used to call the gear box the crash box lol....
  16. If this double/triple dropping works, I'll be a happy camper. Mind you, I'm still a bit excited that I've learned how to rev match while down shifting without any major issues.
  17. Crash box, lol thats gold.
  18. Yeah but can you rev match while downshifting while putting all your body weight on your inside leg and steering with minimal arm effort?
  19. Nope not saying that, but on my last bike if I coasted and held the clutch in while changing down a few gear, sometimes it would not select the next gear unless I released to clutch a little. I just wondered if that was what was happening to the OP
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  20. Change gear down enough so as to maintain drive ...
    too low is probably better than too high.
    Forget what number gear is showing ... is irrelevant. Go by feel.
    Under drive will feel more stable.
    Releasing the clutch each time will teach you how the engine feels under different loads .... time enough for fancy changes when you can turn corners without chugging.
    Do some practice in a parking lot.
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