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downshifting under brakes

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by twistngo, Feb 14, 2007.

  1. what stuffs me at the moment is changing down under brakes when I go into a corner. can't seem to keep the brake on and blip at the same/right time and my poor old bike doesn't sound happy at all. is there a trick?

  2. I use 3 fingers for the brake, and use my little finger, thumb and palm to grip the throttle and just roll my wrist down. Seems to work. I just need to work on the timing of the blip to when the clutch hits its pickup point.
  3. My downshift blipping has never been perfect so in the last week I've tried slowing it down as I found I always blipped before I had let out the clutch. So clutch in, shift peg down, increase throttle and release clutch smoothly and then let throttle down.

    So basically just normal blipping, but leaving the increased throttle on longer to ensure that I match the rpms correctly.

    This is just a temporary fix since wasting a bit of petrol and it isn't smooth when already going slower than the gear you're shifting down to (in which case you'll actually speed up a bit). :LOL:

    Anyway, using this slightly longer period of blipping, using the front break at the same time as downshifting is alot easier as you can just use your palm and thumb to roll on throttle with 4 fingers on the break lever.
  4. I can't tell you what i do because i don't remember because i haven't ridden in awhile.

    What comes to mind is use your brakes to scrub of speed while approching the corner and before entering the corner down shift to do the final adjustments on corner entery speed you may to tap the rear to help.
  5. If i brake with 4 fingers I can't blip properly either.

    I use 2 fingers on the brake and keep the other 2 on the throttle which helps with blipping while braking smoothly.

    If I need to stop in a real hurry I use 4 fingers on the brake and on't bother with blipping.

    Also check the positioning of your brake lever. if it's not in the right position for you be hard to do both at once
  6. ummm hang on guys your supposed to blip before getting the clutch out as you need to match engine speed with road speed for that particular gear
  7. I hold the throttle with my index and thumb and with constant pressure with my other three fingers, "slide" and blip at the same time b4 you let the clutch out.

    With a bit of practice, it is not too hard!
  8. You don't really hold the throttle while blipping. You use the skin between your index finger and thumb and the pressure of reaching for (and squeezing) the brake lever to give you enough strength on the throttle to blip.

    Braking should be your main concern, so all your fingers should be on the lever. Blipping isn't going to save you if something goes tits up and you need to brake strongly and quickly.
  9. um guys...wtf is blipping?

    im prett ylost here. basically i just brake, downshift and THEn start my turn (i basically just get my speed all sorted out first) so i come in slow, then when i feel its right, i power out. wrong?
  10. Thats right. Blipping the throttle is just going on and then off the throttle, or am i thinking another word?
  11. Blipping is the practice of matching engine revs to road revs while downshifting so you back wheel doesn't lock up under severe engine braking. More important when you cut your speed quickly, but still need to be able to accelerate (ie. you don't really need to do it when you are gradually slowing down for a red light ahead).

    It's not something to worry about if you have just started riding, concentrate on the action of smooth braking and gear downchanges in order to be in the right gear and right speed range for the corner.
  12. Adapt and practice, it's worth getting the hang of just for the cool noise.

  13. Ta. That worked and when I got it right I could hardly tell I'd changed gear.
  14. wow - something new.

    I never really heard of blipping aswell... but b4 a turn when I have to slow down I just clutch - throttle off - tap the front brake a few times - downswift - then start all over again (clutch - throttle off - tap brake - downshift) until I get my desired speed to enter the corner.

    Never really recall myself throttling and braking and clutching at the same time - doesn't that cause un-nessessary revving while engine is disengaged?
  15. no it doesnt, what it does do is prevent a compression lock up off the rear which your technique will not do, the idea of blipping is that it will match road speed with with engine speed when dropping gears, rather then dropping a gear while the engine is basically at idle and letting the clutch out, this means the engine has to work to matych back upto the speed you are doing on the road possibly cause the rear to lock up
  16. oooh I get ya!

    man I wanna go home and practice now!!!

    (just went to see Queen Mary at wooloomooloo - friggin hell she's huge!)
  17. Yes. It's all about matching the engine revs to the speed of the rear wheel, to prevent compression lock-up.

    The sudden compression of the engine transferring harshly to the rear wheel, also transfers the weight onto the front suspension rather abruptly, and a blip of the throttle will smooth this out, allowing you better control, and keep the bike more stable.

    It is an important technique to perfect, but is not something that comes too easily...it takes some time, so stick with it until you get it right.
  18. Awesome, im going to the city to check it out tonite!
  19. I don't use engine braking when going into a corner. This is due to there being not much weight on the rear tire as its transfered to the front, and at this point the rear brake is more than adequate to provide enough braking.

    I brake into the corner and just before I reach corner speed and start the turn I down shift to the gear. Better to save your engine and replace brake pads more often I think.
  20. ......and

    not blipping and simply downshifting puts a lot of "instant load" on your chain, clutch, and basically the whole motor.
    do your bike a favour ;)