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Downshifting and Braking

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by aste9974, Aug 15, 2011.

  1. Is it bad to downshift and brake at the same time?

  2. Why would you say that?
  3. I thought you were supposed to brake to get revs low, let go of brake, downshift, then brake again.
  4. you should'nt be allowed on the road
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  5. Surely you be trollin'

    They be hatin.
  6. Two different things happening, at two different parts of the bike.

    As far as I see, why would it be a bad thing? I've had to stop quite quickly, and done it - rather than E brake and stall the thing, which was what I was taught.
  7. No it isn't. Its adviseable to do so in some situations.

    Riders on the race track do it for every corner.

    The idea is as you are slowing down, you are in the appropriate gear to take off again, should you need to. Doing things as you say just chops everything up and makes decelerating rough as.

    Remember, smooth is fast, fast is smooth. If you are silky smooth, you'll be wickedly fast and a good rider without having to try too hard.
  8. The only thing i can add to this is that it's a bad idea to downshift mid-turn in a roundabout. In the wet.

    Yep, i was halfasleep one day. Yep, i did it. Nope, didn't drop it, but I did go around the roundabout sideways.

    /noob mistakes 4tw
  9. That's what I was taught. No down/up shifting during a turn.
  10. This.

    Not even in a car.
  11. some turns you have to though, like at the island. but thats in a track situation that is very different to road.

    i remember when i just got my L plates i was riding my dirtbike on the road with knobbies. was on the gas hard in 4th and sliding a bit. but then for some super dumb reason i decided to go into 5th. rear wheel just gained an extra 25km/h and it got very ugly.

    but i survived. my pants were ruined. the stains could never be removed.
  12. I was completely asleep when i did it, i was on about 1 hours sleep from the night before. I went into the roundabout with far too much speed on and i didn't realise I was in second, so i downshifted into first without putting enough throttle on. The second i let the clutch out the bike was sideways.

    It was only my first month of riding, so i put it down to dumbass mistake.
  13. The first of many no doubt.

    I've been on my 'Ls' for about 9 months now & I've lossed count of how many times I've been kissed on the arse by an angel. Plenty of near misses/gear change f-ups, cornering disgraces..etc No traffic light stalls as yet!
  14. you can change gears whenever you want. theres no reason why you can't mid corner.
    ideally if you are approaching a corner or a bend and have no reason to stop prior to taking it, you will have selected the correct gear allready and adjusted your speed to suit.
    but if you are starting from a stop, like entering a roundabout. theres no reason to traverse the stupid roundabout in first gear.
    heres the trick way > bike is clicked down to first with clutch in whilst you are stopped and waiting to enter the corner or roundabout.
    have your toe ready positioned under the gear lever while you are waiting there.
    then all you do is snick it up into second once you've moved of

    and yes, you should brake and downchange at the same time. use the brakes and engine brakeing simultaneously. do not rely exclusively on one or the other.
  15. I'm sorry, I've never driven a manual car you see.
  16. driven 500 kilometers in about 3 days I think... weeee
  17. actually it's good to do it, but hard to do it properly. wish I had a slipper clutch
  18. you dont need a slipper clutch. its just easier.

    i can get full lock backing it in without a slipper clutch, you just have to be very precise with the clutch lever...
  19. how come everyone in this thread gets free crack cocaine, except for me.

    we're not talking about blipping, rev matching.

    you brake with your right hand while you change down gears with your left hand.
    IT'S NOT HARD TO DO !!!!
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  20. the phrase is actually slow is smooth, smooth is fast. might make more sense to a n00b
    you have a suicide shift?
    i change gears with my left foot