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downshift crunching !!?>?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by haggisladdie, Jun 8, 2006.

  1. just putting this out there. I bought my 2003 sv1000s in march.. I havent hsd it checked out or serviced yet since it was running well.
    just this week my clutch has started to squeak as I engage it every gear change!..
    and today a few times. under braking and downshifting gears there was this kidna scraping double crunch noise?>..
    Does anyone have any Ideas as to the cause of this.
    Also is it normal for a bike to backfire? or is that a sign of some needed attention?
    any ideas would be greatly welcome..
    chris :(

  2. Noise = Wear

    Backfire, no, not normal. A remap and a decent tune will fix that.

    Oh wait, it's a suzu......a suz......sell it or throw it away :rofl:
  3. Not sure about the clutch noise.. I seem to remember there were some issues with the '03, not sure if clutch noise was one of them.. Take it to Mick Hones for a service and have them check the clutch while there at it.

    Back firing.. Do you have aftermarket or stock exhaust? Non standard filter i.e. K&N or BMC? If you have hi flo air filter installed it will cause your bike to back fire.. Due to some O2 sensor thingi..

    It also means your bike is running lean and as vic saided your need to get the bike remapped..
  4. remapp?.. expensive?

    ok cool.. at least I will follow this up.. should I just put it in for a full safety/service?.. and would you be so kind as to give me the details of mick hones?.,.address? tel:?
    I dunno if the clutch just needs adjusted?. it hasnt done it before..
    as for the crunch.. it also feels like when I am just cruising thru the suburbs earlier today that it feels like the bike is grumbling/draggin a bit. you know.. like. fuel flow? ..well . yeah. Im trying my best to describe hwo it feels as I ride..since I am no tech head and only knew to owning a bike and getting used to it..
  5. oh yeah.. sorry tony. I there is remus pipes on when I bought it.. and the baffles are not in place.. they are on my bedroom floor..
  6. and as for the suz suz Mr percival. ..what are the differences in our bikes?. I would like to test ride a firestorm sometime..any ideas who has them for a play?
  7. vic is a closet suzuki lover deep inside
    :LOL: :LOL:
    he loves them as much as i love cruisers :wink:
  8. Ok i'll ask the obvious. Is there any fluid in the clutch resevoir? Also, when was it last changed?

    a lot of people forget about the clutch fluid.

    As to the backfire, I'd get it looked at pretty quickly. The fact that things have changed and you have a unrestricted pipe on it, may point to air getting back up the pipe.

    this could cause damage in a number of areas.

    For the same reason you could also have lean mixture problems, which will also cause damage if left unattended
  9. If you don't know a bike's history, it's always a good idea to get it serviced soon after purchase to 'draw a line in the sand' for future servicing.

    In this case I'd be getting expert advice now in case it IS something serious......
  10. The fact that you've noticed the clutch squeaking at the same time as the gears crunch is probably significant. It's not the only possible reason for crunching gears, but a clutch that is not fully diengaging is certainly one of the possble reasons (and possibly the cheapest to fix :) ).
    I'm not familiar with these models, so it depends on how the clutch is actuated (for example is it hydraulic pressure, with a fluid reservoir that might be getting empty, or a cable that has stretched?). Or worn out/damaged pressure plates etc.
    Backfiring is too much unburnt fuel igniting as it exits the pipe. Can be due to poor mapping (or carburation), blocked air filter, closed up valve clearances etc. Prolly just needs a service (like MINE!)
  11. bike problems!!!

    Im gona be at southbank coffee night if anyone wants to take a look at my bike later