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Downshift blipping

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by bulby, Jun 19, 2012.

  1. Hi guys,

    For the life of me, I can't seem to find the information I'm looking for anywhere.

    So basically, I'm still a bit unsure about when / how much to blip the throttle when downshifting. What I got from car driving techniques is you blip slightly higher than what you think the correct rpm should be, then release the clutch fast but smooth (not like dumping the clutch).

    Is this correct? So you pull the clutch in, blip, and then release?
  2. you blip to the RPM the gear you're changing into would be running to maintain your current speed. So if I use completely made up numbers, if you're currently at 5k RPM in 4th at 40kmph, and 3rd gear would be at 8k RPM at 40kmph, using either your tacho or your ear (since my bike didn't have a tacho), you blip to slightly above that while the clutch is in, then smoothly clutch out and you'll be at the appropriate RPM. How much higher than target RPM depends on your bike I suppose. I would guess the only reason to let the clutch out fast is so the revs don't fall too much but if you have decent throttle control that shouldn't be an issue.

    To answer the question you actually asked, yes: Clutch in, blip, release.

    This is based on my own experiences, so may have been worded poorly. Hope it helps anyway!
  3. I haven't taken my bike into the high RPM range yet. But, blipping around 5k rpms...you twist the wrist a lil further from where it is on the throttle and as Gurbachen said, to the RPM where you will be when you downshift.

    it'll take a bit of practice, but, you'll get the hang of it pretty quick and eventually, it'll be second nature, just like so many other things about riding :)
  4. Your looking too much into it. Once you advanced a bit it will become second nature.
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  5. You will get the feel of it as you do it more often. To be honest I'm not sure what the best RPM is for every gear because I just do it by ear/feel and over trial and error get better at it. Your technique seems correct, while slowing down, squeeze clutch lever, change gear, blip throttle to higher rpm and then let clutch lever out.

    Also if you plan on clutchless upshift on the Across, I found the sweet spot for gear meshing together at 10-11k RPM.
  6. The rpm will be situation Dependant! No matter what the gear. Only time in the saddle and practice will give you what you need to do this well.
    Remember a bike changes gear a lot quicker than most cars. Timing is different to that in a cage.
    Cars and bikes blip to match the rpms of what we are about to receive :)
    They use to blip because they didn't have syncromesh gearbox's and the gears in the old box's half the time were strait edged gear and very hard to mate
  7. And for heaven's sake, don't take your eyes off the road to look at your tachometer while you're shifting down through the gears. Listen and learn what your bike needs.
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  8. For clutchless upshift, I find 9-10k rpm to be smoothest on my Across. Or maybe 10-11? Not sure since I'm never game enough to stare at tacho. LOL :LOL:

    Thanks for all the inputs, guys.
  9. ...........
  10. This technique is more about muscle memory than anything else....

    As with everything MOTO.... Practice, practice, practice

    DROID-Tablet talkin'
  11. you need to do it quickly otherwise the engine speed will slow down too much, same with flywheel. If you let the clutch out as if you were taking off from a standstill, that's much too slow
  12. I love doing this clutch in rev and down shift clutch out... I started doing it on my second week.. Sometimes i do it from 6 down to first but most times down to third or second depends how slow i go...
  13. 6 to 5 to 4 seems to work quite well by pretty much holding the throttle steady, with the slightest twist between 5 and 4. I got a feeling this is not a very good habit though.

    4 to 3 to 2 however, I find is a bit tricky due to wider gaps between their gear ratios.
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  14. As Bulby says. Just keep the throttle steady when clutching and the RPM will rise. Put some load on the shifter downwards and it will click into lower gear when the RPM is perfect.
  15. Hang on... Does this mean you don't fully disengage the clutch? My Across always clicks into the next gear with preload when clutch is fully disengaged.
  16. Shaking head here, laughing but shaking head.
    To nail a blip, it's one sound. One fairly even rev.
    Blip as you disengage the clutch and feed the clutch into the revs and ratio, to make it one clean sound
  17. i'm not sure what you're getting at with "fully disengage the clutch"
    you just disengage what you need. it's like pushing a button with one or two fingers.
    at precisely the right instant.
    so read up on shifter pre-load next.
  18. Blip? Are you sounding the horn whilst you change gears
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