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downs and offs or whatever thay are called

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by jimmybav, May 22, 2007.

  1. Im told that the chances of being in an accident on a motrocycle are higher than in a car, so i always try to take care when Im on the road so these things dont happen.

    Was a nasty one in my town yesterday where a young fella on a postie bike had a disagreement with an EA Falcon. Shorts, thangs, tank top do not equate to safety gear to me and the resulting injuries wre pretty bad. I am not saying that they would have been prevented but I'd rather replace gear than have to regrow large amounts of skin.

    any comments, thoughts (please, no abuse)
  2. Isn't it like 16 times more chance of being seriously injured compared to in a car?
  3. I go by the rule, Work it out when it happens until then who gives a fcuk.

    Did the postie bike leave a nice inprint in the car?
  4. But it is 100 times more exhilarating!
  5. with respect to the person i'm quoting, this is a very sobering reminder!

  6. and it does not help those of us who go ATGATT that the statistics are heavily swayed by those who don't!
  7. statistics can prove anything... umpteenth percent of people know that.

    haven't we been through this before?? where you are 10 times more likely to die in motorcycle crash but 15 times less likely to actually crash?
  8. What's ATGATT mean?
  9. All The Gear All The Time...

    good way to live/ride
  10. 'all the gear all the time'
  11. Looks like a couple of scooteristas went down near central this morning :( Not geared up either, poor silly things.

    I'd walk before squidding, though I sometimes stay in regular jeans if I'm just going around the corner and won't be seeing over 50kmh; there's no impact protection in the Draggins anyway (well, it's optional). Anything with extended speedy or fun bits and on come the armoured pants.
  12. Very roughly, based on UK statistics, you're 26 times as likely to die in a bike crash as a car crash, but bikes crash only 1/10 as many times. That gets it down to 2.6 times as deadly on average, but as has been discussed here extensively before, the idea is to beat the average. Wearing the gear helps. Given that half of bike fatalities are by unlicensed riders, being licensed slashes it further. Not riding drunk or stoned or tired, maintaining your bike well, riding within your limits, riding defensively, leaving margins for error. If you're doing all these things, you should no more be in fear of your life on a bike than in a car, IMO.
  13. some light reading:


    well, put one of the many complacent cagers on a bike for the day. :LOL:
  14. Bravus, you say motorcycles crash 1/10 of the time.

    Is this on a per capita basis? Or overall? What I mean is, there may be 1/10 the amount of bike crashes as car crashes in any given day or year or whatever, but there are also far fewer bikes on the road. So to be accurate, the statistic needs to be scaled according to the number of bikes on the road. Just wondering.

    Right on.

    And with reference to Twainharte's stat about being 4% of crashes, do bikes make up 4% (or more) of vehicles on the road? If we are less than 4% of vehicles on the road then we are more likely to crash; but if we make up more than 4% then we are less likely to crash.
  15. Yeah, you're absolutely right, Withnail. From memory that number was indeed crashes per year, not crashes per rider/driver hour or some better and more proportional number. Those NSW numbers are probably more useful, but it would also be useful to know the proportion of bikes/cars on the roads. My best guess is it's lower than 4%: do you see 4 bikes for every 100 cars you see each day?

    Even if my stats are dodgy I'll stick by my point about beating the average. ;)
  16. From memory the figure here in VIC is 0.05% of vehicles on the road. 100,000 bikes Vs 2million cars. Though obviously that's registered vehicles, so trail/track bikes aren't included in this figure even though they are counted towards the road toll.
  17. Anything that happens off road (track/trail) - even if the bike is registered - does not get counted into the road toll. Conversely, anything that happens on road (registered or un-registered) does get counted.

    Anyway, as has been pointed out here previously, horse riding is even more dangerous than motorcycling.

    Original paper here from UK.

  18. Have you heard the latest about living life? We all die oneday. I don't care if I die in a motorcycle accident, dieing is inevitable.
  19. But it's also about enjoying the maximum amount of time on and off the bike before you die.
  20. Yes, but the demand for enjoying riding your bike is infinite, the ability to ride your bike is finite. As long as you enjoy riding then I say do it because dieing in an accident is worth the joy gained by riding.